Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thought for The Day - Respond

A Response 24 x 36 Oils

When you are called or summoned, you respond; you may say "yes," or "what can I do for you," or simply go to the person who called your name, but you respond.

When your attention is needed, your energy or someone needs to borrow a cup of your time, you might respond. You may stop what you're doing, allow your thoughts and feelings to take a back seat to the needs of someone else, or you may be reluctant and outright refuse.

When you call, when you're in need or want, you might call out to ______ or ______ and even ______, or you may decide "I don't want to bother them with my problems" or "it can wait." But you know you would rather someone came along.

Do you call repeatedly? Do you put out the request often? Is it heard? Does anyone ever respond?

A Calll

A Response

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Thought for The Day - Rise!

Rise! 18 x 24 Pastels

Yeah, I'm saying it! I'm saying it for myself and for you: GET UP! Even when the pressure, the weight on your shoulders is designed to crush you. We aren't made of defeat and death is not in our blood!

Rise! And watch all of life rush to assist you!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Thought for The Day - My Highest

The Phoenix 18 x 24 Pastels

Elastic 18 x 24 Pastels

Of a Feather  18 x 24 Pastels

Reaching for it. With every word, which becomes a sentence and a message. With every stroke of the pencil, pastel or brush; making visible what is just beyond conscious.

Aiming my mind at a place of endless landscapes and clear blue skies. Where love covers the shoulders of man, woman and children. Where race, ethnicity and culture are celebrated like a grand holiday and our differences bring us together.

My Highest!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Thought for The Day - A Thousand Days

Shaken Up! 8 x 11 pencils

Mile markers on the path...

In a given day, any day, any part of the day, a thousand themes and subjects run through my head. I could post endlessly. Sometimes people come to mind, I see their faces, guess at their 'situation' (not all of them negative or difficult; just where they are at this point in their life - or could or should be) and more subjects and themes come to mind. No question or doubt what to say, just not enough time in a day...would you hear me if I told you what I thought you?

A thousand...

Points of light

Connected dots

Lines in the sand

A blessing and a curse, this sensitivity. I'm a listener and giver. I hear your pain, wish to heal, but...

I could reach across miles, whisper a word, run a gentle finger across your cheek, wipe a tear from your eye...

Speak of success, soothe a failure, sit with a loss

Words, images...for you and me.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Thought for The Day - Out for a Walk - What I found on The Path

Our for a Drive - 8 x 11 Colored Pencils

A rock

A stick

Butterfly wings

The journey, the life, the places, the stops and detours and the never ending cycle of strangers who become friends. Well, I would like to say to you all, if you only knew...

Some people find it hard to believe that I'm a true introvert, probably in every since of the word. They see me out for lunch, laughing it up, talking, listening and generally 'socializing.' Others, seeing me in other situations, would find it hard to believe I would talk at all.

But this is about the path of life, the strangers who remain that way, though I wonder how we're connected. The people who come into my life and for the most part, I always seem like I'm on the giving end. Yeah, yeah, it's more blessed to give than receive, but sometimes...Then there are he people who come and go and I wonder why they came at all. Some had significant impact, helping me along the path in just the right way. Others left me feeling like I was dragged through the mud and they thought they did a favor.

Then there are the butterfly wings. Those who came along at the right time. No dramatic effects or lingering doubts, they were kind, giving and whether they remained or left at the right time, everything is in divine order.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Thought for The Day - Treasure

It is there; beneath the surface, somewhere, out of range of sight and beyond reach. It is there.

Time and difficulty have hidden it; as children we could see it clearly. And maybe before we could say much more than 'mam' or 'daddy' we understood it perfectly. Funny thing about living in this world: some seem to have a natural drive to stay in pursuit and utilize that treasure; others, well we go to factories, offices and retail stores, hoping if we work with others, 'it' will somehow pop-up. We think, if we are dutiful, obedient and follow the pattern of the minions, we will be rewarded for our good efforts.

For me, its creativity and desire to see the world in a brighter light. It's a desire to see lives rich and beautiful. It's a hope that we can live side-by-side with one another and our every effort to one another builds the whole of humanity. But I sit in an office; I'm that second group of people, hoping somehow it will "pop-up."

Internally, I am in pursuit, but externally, I am a faceless cog in the wheel of the corporate machine.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Thought for The Day - The Path I'm On

The Turn 12 x 14 Pastel

Well, as Langston Hughes, in the voice of old "mom" would say, "it ain't no crystal staircase." The path I'm on has wound, dipped, rose and every now and then, a ray of sunshine shines on it. I'm blessed, for sure. In spite of "bad health" I am healthy. Genetics, stress and short of optimal diet motivates me to exercise when most would be sleeping. And I would think I've grown accustomed to the path and it's latest curve, the path comes to an abrupt halt! As I learned over a year ago, The road can turn, you are forced off of it; a detour that becomes a stop in a sleepy town...

The journey isn't over; I would like to think this 'leg' of my journey is as temporary as busted engine. I'm waiting for 'the parts' and trying to make the best of every day.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thought for The Day - Pick me up, Please!

Rise! 18 x 24 Pastel

Oh the things we do to get or remain fit! Yesterday, Wednesday, was "leg day." For some reason, a few guys and I have designated Wednesday as leg day. So each week, I go to the gym and do various exercises with emphasis on my legs. There's one exercise I consistently do, a reverse hack squat that I always do with a lot of weight. To give you an idea, I load 45 pound plates on either side of the bar and put as many on the machine as it will hold. A LOT OF WEIGHT! Honestly, I don't think that's how I hurt my back. I think it was throwing in another exercise called Shoulder Shrugs performed with dumbbells. About now, I'm like one - a dumbbell - for trying that!

About now, I feel like I could use a "pick me up," but not like an energy drink. More like someone pick me up off the floor and put me in the bed! But it's 5:03 am and I'm due in a Run club class in a few minutes. All my gear is ready; not sure I am but the body is going into overdrive preparing for it. Yikes! Here we go!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Thought for The Day - Say It!

Filtered Divinity - 12 x 18 Pastels

Declare it

Sing it

Read it

But more importantly

Say It

Don't speak of the poison that seeps through our thoughts, our behavior and into our community. Close the door on destruction, unless you have a plan to rebuild. Let the words declare a soul, liberated and expanding at the rate of light and thought. Wake from nightmares of abused children and women, the desire of our heart, mistreated. Get up and live a life, connecting to those who are weak and dying. Be the bridge to healing and live a life full of harmony.

Our words are powerful and while they can destroy, be wise in a conscious decision of destruction. Destruction is a force, when unleashed, can reap consequences greater than our capacity to cancel. Use the power of the tongue to yield a harvest fit for God.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Thought for The Day - Arms Open Wide

Moments...seriously, that's all I - and you - have. I don't know what its like to wake on a tropical island and not have to be concerned with getting back home and to work. I don't know what's it like to have the luxury of a beautiful home I don't have to leave to go someone's office or factory. My life isn't filled with concerts and a day at the museum or gallery. But I have moments.

I have these precious moments, waking long before dawn. Sitting at my computer or with a pen and pad of paper in hand, I write. Words appear, but really, it's my soul that takes shape, moving from the invisible to the world of sensation. I draw in charcoal and pastel, and then try to give a title to what my soul expresses. Music is always my companion, whether it's a song in my head I've heard or have yet to write, it plays constantly. The hum of cars going by or the "pop" of a house growing old, keep my thoughts on track.

When the day feels like it's dragging me through the mud, I remember these times of quiet and solitude. I find a place to get to, I spread my arms and lift off to a place away from it all. I long to fly!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Thought for The Day - Disillusionment and Cocoons

Fall for Francene (in progress) - 12 x 18 water color and pastel

Fall, then Winter. In the Midwest, in Chicago I have long felt like this is a period where I could curl up in a ball and disappear. Oh, I'll get out, go to work and church, run errands and work around the yard, preparing for the eventual Spring, but mentally, feels like I'm shriveling up like a leaf. Not so much depression, but as the Brazilians call it Saudade (pronounced Sa-da-gee) or "happy sadness." There is a joy in this season of bowls of homemade chili and football watched from the comfort of my kitchen television (13 inch older than my children!). When the snow fall gets to "shovel depth" - about three inches - yeah, I will dread getting out clearing my driveway and walk, my parents and the church, but it's physical labor and "in moderation," it's enjoyable. Trouble is, you can't control the weather so I might get more physical labor than I want!

There are moments, from day to day, when I could easily imagine myself in warmer climates. I'm no spring chicken and the work of getting up leaves and shoveling snow wears on you. But as I learned the other day, cutting limbs from the "junk trees" growing from my neighbors yard, take your time; the work will be completed, just not as quickly as you like. Yeah, age instructs, you don't have much time, but use it wisely.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Thought for The Day - On the Mic

Expectation 24 x 36 Oil painting

That's "mike" or "microphone," for those who may not know. They get on stage with two goals in mind: to entertain and share themselves. Singers, or as they are known around these parts "sangers!" They want you to enjoy them, they aim to please, but they can't please you if they aren't feeling the beat and the message. And when they feel it, either in preparation for the performance or during, WE feel it! Sometimes, the most basic renditions can blow you away!

Recently surfing Facebook's News stream, Lalah Hathaway posted a link to YouTube, where she's performing a song: "Something." Now her vocal skills are seriously off the chart, so everything she sings blows you away, but the video:, the energy from start to finish is filled with promise, joyful anticipation and wondrous surprise! Her energy, the energy of the band, the sound technicians, the audience...seriously you could not bottle this!!!

On that mic, on the stage in dance gear, guitar in hand, a canvas, a poem straining to break free from your throat. Where ever your expression finds it's release...SET IT FREE!!!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Thought for The Day - Open Door

An Open Channel

An Open Pathway

An Open ______

Remaining open. Not easy in a society, in a world where we move about to benefit ourselves. Even more difficult when you consider, we do it at the expense of others!

Remaining does one do that? When events, seemingly without human intervention, shatter your desires and dreams? How does one continuously reach out, make connections, when, on a regular basis the world is either ambivalent or downright offensive?

I have learned this about me, though this doesn't serve as a cure: I am sensitive, I am loving and at the very least, I desire the highest good for everyone! Mind you, that means I remain Open, at the very time I feel hurt. I remember as often as possible, that "I am the offender," without trying. I say and I do; people, someone, somewhere does not agree with me and their sense of identity is challenged, i.e. bruised. But healing comes only when you welcome it. And healing can hurt.

Remain Open...there is far more to our lives than our every day experiences.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Thought for The Day - Larger than Life

Or "larger than the life we live." We really are larger than our experiences; the ones we've had, the ones we wished for and those that shrank our world. By the latter, I mean hurts that made us retreat from aspirations that brightened our waking moments. Everyone has dreams; we all have had those moments or times when we said "I would love to ________." And we might sit for a minute or two, imagining our lives as ______. But what prevented you? It's usually a series of events not just one big one. It is definitely a condition of this world to have one's vision challenged and if anything to suffer from blindness.

But again, our possibility is greater than 8-5 job, pre-fabricated homes and artificial healthcare. As a mater of fact, a continuous practice of reaching, trying and some if not all of the Divinely Inspired dreams can be ours!

You know, I have tried a few times to succeed. I have failed just as I sensed I was breaking through to the life I wanted. I have watched with envy the success others have achieved. I have followed many schemes and plans, chasing after a life of influence. There are many times, I want to give up and head for an early grave. Yeah it gets that bad for me. But that DREAM will not die! When I try to quiet, it appears as an ache or complaint about something as trivial as the bad "office coffee." But I've learned this much about me, that when I feel miserable and abandoned, it's time to dream and plan again. Doubt is a cloud that always hovers in the distance or over head; but I can't give up.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thought for The Day - Moments

That's all we need...moments. To take in the beauty of life. Stolen moments from a world flashing by in an instant. One minute at a time to hold, create a memory and let it linger on the edge of your mind.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Thought for The Day - The Power of a Line

Dance against The Rhythm - pastel 12 x 16

This is not a valuation of one person's work over another and not a promotion of myself or any other artist. Confined to "tan land," the world of cubicles, I created a small sphere of inspiration; I took small photographs of my work and placed them in my cube. Today, contemplating the idea of lines and how we use them to distinguish one shape from another, my eye landed on one piece in particular. A blue and purple line runs diagonally from mid way to the bottom right; it is surrounded by oranges, lilacs and other shades of blue. But looking at the line and the contrasting colors around it, the "power of the line" hit me square in the middle of my forehead!

As I have said many times before, I LOVE COLORS! And to be clear, the brighter the better! Again, this isn't a "plug" for my art, but the power of this ability to express what the soul is privy to. Our senses, our mind tries to put into some form, the message received. It's a communion of humanity and divinity; God and man talking, speaking and touching! This interplay, this dance if you will, is not limited to visual artists; authors, poets, dancers and performers all express a message from above. But this is my expression! This is my purpose!

Now to contrast my style to two other artist who have taken "the line" to a new level: Kevin WAK Williams and Serge Kponton! Now mind you, they aren't the only artists whose work I admire, but they stand out and shine!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Thought for The Day - Integrity and Purpose

There is something to be said for putting the "higher mission" before earnings. In our society, from the individual chasing a paycheck to the multimillion dollar corporations, it's all about the dollar. We want the dollar, the perks and 'stuff,' and usually in that order. But the man, woman, child or company that serves, because there is a need, they get my attention.

I've seen it and with individuals and organizations who still earn a profit, but not at the expense of compassion. We have a false expectation, that if you do what you love, serve humanity, you will starve or have to live a impoverished life, But I believe it's happening around us each day. Open your eyes to the smiles of people who care for us and do so with an endless supply of love. Those are the people who deserve our energy!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Thought for The Day - The Color of Music, The Sound of Red

Of a feather 18 x 24 Pastel




As a child, Jazz was not my parents music, it was mine. I grew up listening to Soul music or R&B. It was the music my mom played on a Saturday morning, cleaning house. Sunday mornings were gospel music played on the radio on the way to church, while at church or on the way home. This was the "main stay," the bread and butter, if you will. But Jazz music? That was my own style. I mean as early as I could remember, the sound of a trumpet howling or a saxophone wailing, with a drumbeat, a piano and bass playing, that was my style of music. And whether upbeat or mellow, I loved jazz music.

I loved colors and there was not much more exciting than a box of 16 crayons. Funny, I always felt like the box of 32 or 64 was extraneous; felt like Crayola was going overboard! Silver, bronze and gold felt like someone was trying too hard to please. But various shades of blue and reds, yellow and orange? I could work that box! And when I got my first set of water color paints, I was on my way!

Music is heard even now. In my head, there's always a beat going on. It combines with the sound of cars going by, this late part of the night. I hear the hum of the computer, the beat of my typing and it's all a wonderful melody. Then there are the colors. Blues, oranges, reds...pure heaven.

It's all energy...a wonderful buzzing and thrill to my senses...and it all speaks volumes to my soul. No, correction, it's all a reflection of my soul!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Thought for The Day - Mason Jar Capacity

Elastic - Imagine something being stretched!
If you've been visiting my daily blog, thanks for taking time to do so! I appreciate your taking time to read it. I hope my truths ring "true" with you as well and my authenticity encourages you as well.

Today, reflecting on an exchange I had with a manager years ago. Working as a customer service representative, we took calls regarding billing. When cellular was in it's infancy, then known as a "mobile phone," we fielded many calls a day, so much so, there were times breaks, getting offline to research a customer issue and bathroom breaks were at a minimum! I remember thinking you have to have a thick skin to cope with this job long term. Always being one to go into analytical mode, I looked at our work pace, the expectations and quickly realized this wasn't for me.

A moment of revelation: I am a sensitive type. I'm sensitive to the needs of others, often feeling their pain whether they are willing to admit it or not. I'm also keenly aware of my surroundings. It isn't all about feeling the pains of others or even my own, but the mixed bag of emotions, expectations, the sense of loss and hope as well. Being an artist and writer are my ways to express, to a certain degree, what I perceive regularly.

But in that job, there was such a glut of frustration, confusion and bitterness, it was WAY too much to bear on a daily basis. Every opportunity to get out of that department was exercised regularly! And when I got out, it was such a relief to remain in a helpful role, but one with less "interaction." As I told that manager, I am like a wide mouth jar, I can take in a lot before the jar overflows. Problem is, "what am I taking in?" If your life consists of acknowledging only the pain and hurt around you, its no wonder people "skip out,""abandon their post," or simply just move on.

Sometimes, we need to empty that big old jar; not so we can take on more, but so we can start anew.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Thought for The Day - Complicated...

Day to day, moment to moment, connection to connection, it's complicated. "Down" one minute, up the next, whatever sense of continuity, or forward progression one would hope for, seems like we are pieces of wood, floating on waves of the sea. Stability? Grounded? Elusive. Distant. And joy? Fleeting.

I worry, at times, who will read my words and think "that's one depressed and sad guy!" There's so much emphasis placed on "speaking positive words into the atmosphere," that we ignore the terror hidden in our hearts. We work hard to ensure our world is filled with positive words and images, while people are killing their own children with the simplest motives.

It's complicated...

One of the reasons I started writing this daily blog was to share my thoughts and feelings. I am human...not every thought is full of light. But my expression is full of truth. I take comfort in the writings of the Bible, especially the perfectly flawed individuals who expressed great hope and great sadness over life (David and his son Solomon). They aren't alone; read the honest words or examine the life of any individual and you will see periods of elation and insight that defy logic! And yet, you don't have to dig too deep to find in every life, there exists valleys so dark and cold, hope seems impossible to find. We often search for a balance. Personally, I don't think 'balance' is what we need.

It's complicated...

Hope and Despair...they don't sit equally on the scales. It's complicated.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Thought for The Day - Rise

Rise 18 x 24 Pastel
Pain is reality

Hurt is the emotional response to it.

I'm sure I'm not stating this as succinctly as it's been stated elsewhere, but hopefully, you get the gist. There is a proverb in the Bible that says "for though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again." (Proverbs 24:16) It is not a reference to a specific number but more however many number a person falls or it is defeated - i.e. someone with malicious intent leads the person to do so - they will "continue" to rise; again and again!

Got to tell you, I've had some "dark days." I mean "woe-is-me-why-is-everything-I-want-or-try-to-do-fails" kind of days! If I am a "walled city" my enemy isn't attacking me at the main gate; he is falling from the sky, coming up through the ground, the main and side gates! Many of my dreams - or is it just one big one - seem like they're on a 50 year hiatus. They are stalled at the gate where spirit meets reality and I don't seem to have the tools to bring them forward.

I'm not a selfish person, though I know I have selfish tendencies. I give of my "time, talent and treasure" on a regular basis and beyond the four walls of the church. But I am overwhelmed by the load of it all. My back feels like an overworked mule!

But I rise...not sure how. Some days, I have enough strength to lift my head and that feels like a great deal. But I rise...either I'm shaking off some things, or I'm gaining strength to carry it...BUT.I.RISE!!!

And lastly, I know I'm not doing this with my strength. God's will and spirit live in me and it's by his strength that things are made possible.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thought for The Day - A Sliver of Sunlight

In the darkest of days - overcast, blustery and cold - a light can shine into your life. It breaks through for a minute or two, unexpectedly. In the heart of a Chicago fall or winter day, a moment or two of intense sunlight is needed to break the grip of the doldrums.

Some clouds hang low, they are thick and dark and on a walk along the river or the lake, the air grips you and sinks into your bones. But mostly the darkness is the pain of a life, searching for a way to live to its full.

So when a moment comes along, the winds die down and that light flashes from above; when you feel it's warmth and it eases away the pain, if only for a moment, there's the promise of a life much better. Hold on to it, cherish it.

There's always more to come.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Thought for The Day - Exercise

Muscles ache from a workout four days ago; strange thing, my forearms didn't begin to ache until three days after the workout! From week to week, day to day, I get up, go to the gym and in spite of my own advice to take it easy, I push hard, and when I have the notion, I lift heavier, run faster and crunch more. This feels like watering and fertilizing a palm tree seed because I'm not seeing the results I want. But I keep at it anyway.

Keeping hope burning is the same way, except many times I'm downright confused what I should hope for. I'm like the guys and ladies in the gym who lift the same weight everyday, the same amount of reps and for the same length of time. In my mind, it's going through the motions. I know better, Lord knows I do, but on any given day...Just have to exercise until I see clear enough to do more. This is real, very real!

I guess I hope, someday, this will all make sense and results will show up. I don't mind being sore or tired. But I would prefer to feel that way and see results that follow.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Thought for The Day - To There

Get there

Be there

That place of peace and undisturbed joy

An elusive place

the place of calm

When all around is a cauldron of chaos

But we continue searching


For that place to be



We go

Monday, October 7, 2013

Thought for The Day - Reconciliation

Bring together...

Make accounts consistent with one another...

To settle...

A balancing act, a process of making quiet a world lopsided or out of sorts. When one's desires and dreams seem a world away, when your best efforts yield zero or small returns, it may be time to settle accounts; simply getting quiet as possible, fading into the background and waiting for a change beyond one's comprehension. If "effort" is fruitless, perhaps resting (not surrender or failure) is needed to allow forces unseen to exercise their power.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Thought for The Day - Winter's Nap

Study for Predawn Light #3

"Working Title;" "What?!"
The blanket of snow...

It's been a while since I woke to streets and yard covered in white; air cooled and a biting breeze, coming from the west. Been a while since the cold morning seeped into my little space in the basement, the bare concrete floor radiating cold like ice. It's been a few months since I bundled up in layers of coat, sweater and a few shirts. But on some days, I'm living a perpetual Winter.

Sometimes, I simply need to lie down and take a break from the noise and confusion. I look at the stack of unfinished business, the stuff that's mine and the leftovers from others and I decide the best approach is to back away and regroup. "Give me 5 minutes!" Put my head on the desk and sleep for a bit.

You know, there are times, I'm fiercely aware this world will continue spinning quite well without me... I need my winter blanket and a few minutes sleep...

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Thought for The Day - Elusive

"Working Title:" Dichotomy

Hear My Call!

That 'something' you've always wanted, it's shape, texture, height and depth slowly fading from vision. Is it your sight that's fading or the object losing its material form? What is reality?

Live years, with an ideal world, only to find the one you wake to each day far from your utopia. And yet you can no more shift from 'this world' to 'that.' Arms' reach? No. As far as the East is from the West. From here to the North Star and I don't mean the distance from the southern states to the northern. Like the word "freedom," conceptual and personal, your desire(s) can be as immaterial and far from completion.

Alive, but not really; going about each day as if in a dream from which there is no escape. No more control over the state of your affairs than the nerve spasms that contort muscles and leave bruising.

Is there any hope? What is hope?

Friday, October 4, 2013

Thought for The Day - The Message in Your Veins

Soul Dance
You think you understand, until another twist appears in the story line. You're knocked off your game, you try to gather your strength, regroup and determine your next move. But this story isn't played out on the big screen or pages in a book; it's your life and its unfolding every minute and with every heartbeat.

But sometimes, the moment is just as baffling as your origin and your purpose. I heard a guy say in a song ("The Lord Made Me for Song" - Chester Baldwin) "some people live their whole lives trying to figure out why they're here. I'm so glad I know God made me for song." If it wasn't so aggravating and I didn't go through major internal anguish, I would be okay with the "unfinished" details of my life! If I could sit comfortably with life as it is, please believe I would, but certain songs get played over and over. I listen to songs, words, stare at the sky, take walks and pray as if I were in a foxhole in World War 1!

Sure, the message is in my veins, but it isn't clear. The purpose for my existence seems as long and complex as the vascular system that snakes from head to toe. In the picture above, on the back of it, there are questions and "what ifs." The owner of that picture might one day look at the back of it and wonder. So do I.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thought for The Day - Color Your Thoughts

Filtered Divinity
Bright Reds,

Glowing Oranges,

Shimmering Pinks,

Do your thoughts shine? Are they luminescent, holding light and energy and promise?

Do your emotions reflect a blue so deep, the darkest ocean is no comparison?

It's okay, and it's all good.

We are made to reflect and shine as emerald green and silvery white.

Our heart is a container of the spectrum of lights and dark and a constant shifting of light and energy.

Pull out your child's crayon box,

Pour it on a table before you,

It doesn't compare to the range of colors within you.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Thought for The Day - Conduit

A Clear Chanel - 24 x 36 Oil Painting
A channel...

Who are you? Are you a pathway for learning and instruction? Do others come to your for information, advice, a shoulder to cry on?

Does inspiration flow through you? Can you be trusted to bring insight and light to nearly any situation?

It's not that we aren't capable; its that hurt, shame and fear "gum up" the conduit.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Thought for The Day - Stillness

The Phoenix
I've found this to be true by experience: when we are running and scrambling and "living the life," it takes a quiet moment to take it all in. I don't mean "getting on top of your game," I mean putting life in perspective. It's certainly our habit to move as fast as we can, as often as we can and way beyond our energy supply. WE ARE RUNNING ON FUMES!!!

But when you've run until there is no daylight remaining in your soul, when your bones are hollow and your heart heavy...sit still...allow the quiet of your thoughts to refuel you and fill your mind.

I've found peace can be found in the midst of the most chaotic day. It occurs when I make the effort to "pull away" from the madness, to listen to the 'buzz' around me and hear the rhythm behind it all.

In the quiet of my mind, I find solace and renewal. I am made whole once again.

The challenge? To keep from running so low that I go long periods without making this connection.