Saturday, October 19, 2013

Thought for The Day - Open Door

An Open Channel

An Open Pathway

An Open ______

Remaining open. Not easy in a society, in a world where we move about to benefit ourselves. Even more difficult when you consider, we do it at the expense of others!

Remaining does one do that? When events, seemingly without human intervention, shatter your desires and dreams? How does one continuously reach out, make connections, when, on a regular basis the world is either ambivalent or downright offensive?

I have learned this about me, though this doesn't serve as a cure: I am sensitive, I am loving and at the very least, I desire the highest good for everyone! Mind you, that means I remain Open, at the very time I feel hurt. I remember as often as possible, that "I am the offender," without trying. I say and I do; people, someone, somewhere does not agree with me and their sense of identity is challenged, i.e. bruised. But healing comes only when you welcome it. And healing can hurt.

Remain Open...there is far more to our lives than our every day experiences.