Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Thought for The Day - Arms Open Wide

Moments...seriously, that's all I - and you - have. I don't know what its like to wake on a tropical island and not have to be concerned with getting back home and to work. I don't know what's it like to have the luxury of a beautiful home I don't have to leave to go someone's office or factory. My life isn't filled with concerts and a day at the museum or gallery. But I have moments.

I have these precious moments, waking long before dawn. Sitting at my computer or with a pen and pad of paper in hand, I write. Words appear, but really, it's my soul that takes shape, moving from the invisible to the world of sensation. I draw in charcoal and pastel, and then try to give a title to what my soul expresses. Music is always my companion, whether it's a song in my head I've heard or have yet to write, it plays constantly. The hum of cars going by or the "pop" of a house growing old, keep my thoughts on track.

When the day feels like it's dragging me through the mud, I remember these times of quiet and solitude. I find a place to get to, I spread my arms and lift off to a place away from it all. I long to fly!