Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Thought for The Day - Stillness

The Phoenix
I've found this to be true by experience: when we are running and scrambling and "living the life," it takes a quiet moment to take it all in. I don't mean "getting on top of your game," I mean putting life in perspective. It's certainly our habit to move as fast as we can, as often as we can and way beyond our energy supply. WE ARE RUNNING ON FUMES!!!

But when you've run until there is no daylight remaining in your soul, when your bones are hollow and your heart heavy...sit still...allow the quiet of your thoughts to refuel you and fill your mind.

I've found peace can be found in the midst of the most chaotic day. It occurs when I make the effort to "pull away" from the madness, to listen to the 'buzz' around me and hear the rhythm behind it all.

In the quiet of my mind, I find solace and renewal. I am made whole once again.

The challenge? To keep from running so low that I go long periods without making this connection.