Monday, October 21, 2013

Thought for The Day - Disillusionment and Cocoons

Fall for Francene (in progress) - 12 x 18 water color and pastel

Fall, then Winter. In the Midwest, in Chicago I have long felt like this is a period where I could curl up in a ball and disappear. Oh, I'll get out, go to work and church, run errands and work around the yard, preparing for the eventual Spring, but mentally, feels like I'm shriveling up like a leaf. Not so much depression, but as the Brazilians call it Saudade (pronounced Sa-da-gee) or "happy sadness." There is a joy in this season of bowls of homemade chili and football watched from the comfort of my kitchen television (13 inch older than my children!). When the snow fall gets to "shovel depth" - about three inches - yeah, I will dread getting out clearing my driveway and walk, my parents and the church, but it's physical labor and "in moderation," it's enjoyable. Trouble is, you can't control the weather so I might get more physical labor than I want!

There are moments, from day to day, when I could easily imagine myself in warmer climates. I'm no spring chicken and the work of getting up leaves and shoveling snow wears on you. But as I learned the other day, cutting limbs from the "junk trees" growing from my neighbors yard, take your time; the work will be completed, just not as quickly as you like. Yeah, age instructs, you don't have much time, but use it wisely.