Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Thought for The Day - Exercise

Muscles ache from a workout four days ago; strange thing, my forearms didn't begin to ache until three days after the workout! From week to week, day to day, I get up, go to the gym and in spite of my own advice to take it easy, I push hard, and when I have the notion, I lift heavier, run faster and crunch more. This feels like watering and fertilizing a palm tree seed because I'm not seeing the results I want. But I keep at it anyway.

Keeping hope burning is the same way, except many times I'm downright confused what I should hope for. I'm like the guys and ladies in the gym who lift the same weight everyday, the same amount of reps and for the same length of time. In my mind, it's going through the motions. I know better, Lord knows I do, but on any given day...Just have to exercise until I see clear enough to do more. This is real, very real!

I guess I hope, someday, this will all make sense and results will show up. I don't mind being sore or tired. But I would prefer to feel that way and see results that follow.