Saturday, October 31, 2009

In The Water

Well this is what happens when you work at something for a while. It also is what happens when you lose sight of the original goal. I've read that often what you have in mind becomes something different when you paint.

Friday, October 30, 2009

This is the Work, too

This is the work as well. An artist or writer or anyone working in a discipline where they work alone; what’s needed to know is whether you do the marketing and selling, or someone does it for you, it’s your work. Others can represent you but the message ‘we’ have comes from our hearts and soul. There are times when the message doesn’t fit in a pulpit, a thirty-minute infomercial or on a canvas. Does its value diminish because no one understands it?

The innovators and leaders of the last century had to be themselves in a world that didn’t accept and certainly didn’t understand them. They did the work of proclaiming in a unique fashion what didn’t fit in the norms of society. Many of us, while we don’t understand the work of Picasso, the mention of his name or looking at one of his paintings, instant recognition. And yet, he had to take a risk, multiple risks. He had to risk rejection and yet allow his message to the world to scream in his heart and soul until no matter whether understood or not, he continued painting and drawing.

I’ll work. I learn about pricing, marketing, speak with other artists, and art business coaches as well. Sometimes I wonder if I’m being true to the calling, but then I remember the ultimate aim. Others may come along to help, but no one can tell my story like me. The story and the art is a reflection of me. And as such, it must come out!

Next up, Predawn Light

The decision to begin painting this image was 'finalized,' as I typed the title. I have two canvases sitting in my studio space, primed and ready to go. I have two paintings I want to do: Predawn light and "Daybreak." Actually, the theme of extreme dark and light seems to run consistent over the last few paintings. Images of large dark portions of the painting with a glimmer of light.

The sketch of predawn light gives a hint of what's to come. That's the rough sketch. The painting will contain the same imagery, with greater emphasis on the shadow and dramatic effects on the limited light coming through the window and landing throughout the room. The idea behind this is the very early morning, when I return to the room to wake my wife for the day. Usually, I'm up before sunrise. When I come back to the room there's that hint of light coming through the edge of the window. It's just enough light to give the visible parts of the room a glow. These days, that little light is magical to me.

In Process

Okay, so I finished "Day at the Beach" and will post pictures soon. Actually "Day at the Beach" has become less pleasant and more somber. In my effort to add layers of paint, which has been my style since college, I not only went with layered effect, the colors got darker. It began as a greenish-blue sea with a light blue sky. Now it's dark blue with hints of green and white for the caps of the waves. The sky is dark. Yeah, I need to post that one and a shot of the original look.

I'll dig the camera out of the car and do that this weekend. My plan is to revisit the original theme and work it with lighter colors for the sky and sea. The intent of the picture is to see the waters as the sky as though one were out in the water about 50 feet from the shore and the only thing in sight were the water and sky. That remains consistent between the two.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I’m strong, wiser, and capable of working in different disciplines. Even when I’m failing, I’m not defeated. I’m merely trying out something else until I can get to the success I desire. This is the difference of a child and an adult: a child has the unformed notion of a dream. Usually something or someone outside of them seems to be the model of that thing in them wanting to ‘be’ when they become an adult. An adult has the responsibility of putting the being into play. I am that adult, putting the dream into a working functioning human.
I remember thinking of myself as working at a table, a space by myself, sitting for hours as well as being free to get up and go as I please. I recognize at this point, the child in me likes the freedom of adulthood because the expectation is that as an adult you are free to do what you like. An adult considers the child as the one who is free to do as they please. Both are right, except being free is the hardest thing either one can do. And yet, without the strain and hard work it isn’t freedom, it’s apathy.

Friday, October 16, 2009

A Moment

His Words,

A whisper
Lost in the wind
A wish
Tossed with a penny in a fountain
A goodbye that lasted longer
But felt like a flash of lightning
As it fades away

The thrill of an early summer bike ride
Cold while the sun is so hot
Dripping and sticky
Sweet and delicious
Filling up your insides
Briefly, for a moment

When your eyes are all cried out
Coming from a memory that pops up
But as suddenly as your grin appears
It’s gone
Chased away by the icy cold of the here and now

A pleasant dream
With a cozy ending
Followed by a gentle stirring
As you awake to a sunny day
You stretch
Full of energy from your mind’s movie
But as your feet touch the floor
The haunting of the same old grind
The car that won’t start
And the….
Plus the…
Send that dream down the drain
Taking with it the joy you felt

A moment
Passes in a minute
Some are lost
‘Cause we are looking in the wrong place
Get called up to remind us
Caution us
Warm our hearts
Or stop our tracks
And somehow
They are lost
Brushed away like pesky flies
When we choose to focus on
The here and now
The “never will be”
And the lost happenstance

Yet they are there
Happening now
Happening way back when
And some are held in reserve
For later

Monday, October 12, 2009

Clouds and Hills

Details, details, the hills! And the clouds! Somewhere in the southwest, waiting to be discovered.


Stuff gets stretched, pulled, creating a tension, leaving observers wondering if a loud "SNAP" is in the making.

Evaluating His Words

I am constantly challenged with three things: perception of self (how objective can a person be when every thought and feeling is known?), the reaction to the words written and images displayed, and the possibilities. If you haven’t figured this out yet, I have a strong desire to get a message out in the world. Somewhere between ‘who is my audience’ and ‘who ever will,’ I spend many days with thoughts whirling around like a tornado.

Who am I? Where do I fit in all of this? Does what I have to express add value or detract from the world?

Then there’s the reaction. From the first pictures placed on Facebook until this blog, the effort contained the air of experimenting; I’ve always wanted to see what an audience beyond my wife and children would think. As long as I anticipated the worst, my gifts lay under lock-and-key. But it is the ‘trying’ and assurance that somewhere, there’s someone who will ‘get it.’ Thanks for the many people who listen; your ‘thumbs up’ or comments assure me there is an audience for my voice.

At some point, I will have these plates spinning on top of the sticks. Those who value my work, the words and the images, will find a need to make a purchase or two. But until that time, I continue to evaluate, to publish and declare His Words!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Minding the By-products

I can waste significant energy ‘wishing’ for the Limousine Life, pining for a big home and waiting to be famous, but this portion of my journey is helping hone my energy for greater disciplines. His Words remains a vital part of my life though, if I had thought of the enterprise a year ago I would have quickly dismissed the notion or made it something like a business name for counseling services somewhere in the future.

Yes, I want a beautiful home and driving many on the way to work I have often thought it would be great to live in ‘this one’ or ‘that one.’ But there is a dream home and a land that I don’t see in my travels and yet it exists. There’s that stretched Bentley in a paved driveway, both belonging to me. And when I remind myself of it, I remember dreams I’ve had in the past that came to pass and I barely lifted a finger to bring them about. But for the time being, my energy isn’t allocated to what others will think when I’m riding in a limo or how I will have to guard my life against jealousy. No, it is better used to perfect the message. I am using my energy to ensure it is clear and more importantly, that ‘those who will’ receive are reached.

My message is about stirring a person’s soul. Often we “light” others with the essence of our person. Who am I what am I reflecting? What remains consistent in my life that helps me understand better who I am? Well, this is another journey of discovery and because it is so vitally important I’m turning my targets within and putting greater emphasis on knowing who I am. For the time, I’ll let the by-products of a life of service to sit in reserve. I’ll concentrate on “shoring up” my service to others.

When I reflect light, I will know who I am and the purpose for which I’m sent. Peace and blessings!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More detail for "Phoenix NOW"

Okay, I changed the title; "more experimenting" was "experimental.:) No, as I looked at the image, the bird them seemed to be there as usual and a bird in the middle of what seems to be activity and death (that's what it seems like to me) rising from the ashes, but fiery and full of life. A Phoenix NOW. Cheers.

Formation of His Words

It’s pretty late for a guy who will be up in a few hours, preparing to meet the challenge of another day. But I have my music playing on shuffle; the sounds are soothing and at times bumpy and disturbing. Occasionally I pause to look at the smudges on the tips of my fingers from pastel crayons I’m working with. This is life for me. The other stuff? I think that is the dream I’m preparing to wake from.

In the scheming and preparation of His Words, the sounds of music, the hum of tires driving in the quiet of night, the tap of the keyboard at my fingertips and the swirl of ideas in my head, all mix in a world of creative adventure. My brain at times seems incapable of bringing forth the many concepts beneath the surface but in truth, in each stroke of paint and each word I write a world is revealed. It isn’t a private fantasy but a dream shared by so many.

When I write and simply write from my heart and soul, I don’t worry about who will understand. My words will sink in; someone will see their reflection rendered in the words. They will stand and stare at a painting I’ve been blessed to render and the message will become more intense than a camera’s flash.

Monday, October 5, 2009

More Experimenting

Just trying out different things with pastels.

Experimenting...What is it 2

Still just trying out things. The clouds were originally the focus but had to have another place to focus attention. I may do one later where it is 90% clouds and sky and 10% bluffs.

Experimenting...What is it?

Okay, I'm just trying things out. If you figure out, don't read too much into it. This has no meaning, hidden message or design. Just trying things out.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Life Lessons

Trying out this thing called life. Throwing into words and images. His Words. His Images, the smells, sounds and silence of it all. It (life) isn't final; seems so obvious, but I know what's it like to think "I failed at _____" and think it's over.

Man, I tried "His Words," in 2001, feeling like I wanted to do 'art' and 'words,' somehow. That 'somehow' was a 25 pound blob of clay I left set out for others to shape. Big mistake!!! But life goes on and that is the greatest lesson. What seems like failure is the seed of success. One person was buried, and all assumed his life's mission came to a close. But here we are so many years later, calendars rearranged around his estimated birth, days set aside to celebrate his birth, death and resurrection. Whether you agree, accept or understand 'that' you certainly understand that life does not come to an end when you fail! You have to get up, you have to keep living and if you have an inkling of life in you, you know what you'll do? YOU WILL TRY AGAIN! And again! And again! You will not allow the life in you and around to forget your place in it. You will continue trying until you're heard, seen, until your dance and your song is sang with such force, that it seems the heavens and earth tremble!

Learn the lessons, live the lessons, teach, preach, sing, dance and paint the lessons!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Exercise of Art

I remember sitting in a cube a few years ago, frustrated beyond belief, feeling like my life didn’t count for much (His Words was on a hiatus and as far as I was concerned it was a mistake never to be repeated). And I wrote in all caps I WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!! Even bolded each word and increased the font size to 24 for emphasis. I needed to make that declaration and if I weren’t such a “proper” gentleman, I would have stood on the top of the desk and screamed it.

What I’ve discovered about painting and drawing is the process and results are like doorways of light. Light illuminates and places emphasis on a subject. Reflecting art over the years, some seemed to speak of chaos or imply a world barely distinguishable. Where I’m employed, there’s no shortage of original artwork and many people have opinions one way or another. What seems to be consistent among those I work with is the expectation that images should be clearly identified; they don’t want to see something that looks like it was done by a 6 year old. But what I know of the exercise, is art reveals what a ‘simple’ mind understands. Not a simple or foolish person but one willing to open their mind to messages not easily discerned. Those are the messages accepted by faith. And faith has a wonderful capability of opening a limitless unclouded world to the faithful!

A few paintings I’ve worked on in the last few months emphasize the contrast of dark vs. light. It is another theme that is being detailed in my life and with time, patience and diligence I will understand it better. I’m sitting here at the moment looking at a blank sheet of newsprint paper. What a wonderful sight! I see so much that the human eye will not and each page allows the same possibilities. It is an exercise in capturing a moment or rendering colors with textures. But more importantly, it is communicating the message of one’s soul.