Sunday, October 20, 2013

Thought for The Day - On the Mic

Expectation 24 x 36 Oil painting

That's "mike" or "microphone," for those who may not know. They get on stage with two goals in mind: to entertain and share themselves. Singers, or as they are known around these parts "sangers!" They want you to enjoy them, they aim to please, but they can't please you if they aren't feeling the beat and the message. And when they feel it, either in preparation for the performance or during, WE feel it! Sometimes, the most basic renditions can blow you away!

Recently surfing Facebook's News stream, Lalah Hathaway posted a link to YouTube, where she's performing a song: "Something." Now her vocal skills are seriously off the chart, so everything she sings blows you away, but the video:, the energy from start to finish is filled with promise, joyful anticipation and wondrous surprise! Her energy, the energy of the band, the sound technicians, the audience...seriously you could not bottle this!!!

On that mic, on the stage in dance gear, guitar in hand, a canvas, a poem straining to break free from your throat. Where ever your expression finds it's release...SET IT FREE!!!