Friday, October 4, 2013

Thought for The Day - The Message in Your Veins

Soul Dance
You think you understand, until another twist appears in the story line. You're knocked off your game, you try to gather your strength, regroup and determine your next move. But this story isn't played out on the big screen or pages in a book; it's your life and its unfolding every minute and with every heartbeat.

But sometimes, the moment is just as baffling as your origin and your purpose. I heard a guy say in a song ("The Lord Made Me for Song" - Chester Baldwin) "some people live their whole lives trying to figure out why they're here. I'm so glad I know God made me for song." If it wasn't so aggravating and I didn't go through major internal anguish, I would be okay with the "unfinished" details of my life! If I could sit comfortably with life as it is, please believe I would, but certain songs get played over and over. I listen to songs, words, stare at the sky, take walks and pray as if I were in a foxhole in World War 1!

Sure, the message is in my veins, but it isn't clear. The purpose for my existence seems as long and complex as the vascular system that snakes from head to toe. In the picture above, on the back of it, there are questions and "what ifs." The owner of that picture might one day look at the back of it and wonder. So do I.