Saturday, August 31, 2013

Thought for The Day - Discern

Filtered Divinity

Come to "UNDERSTAND..."

Discover, as in knowledge, previously taken for granted blossoms into experiential truth. There are many who 'get the facts;' they hear them, they process them as one would multiple documents stored in a file cabinet or "My Documents" folder. But the truth of the facts aren't understood. Many spew the facts with practiced accuracy, reciting to you and I the same way they heard it. And yet, they have not learned the great TRUTH.

It isn't that circumstances conspire against us; life is designed to unfold and reveal these great depths. The very shape of our world emphasizes what we know to be true. But lies are easier to grasp than the truth. The effort needed to "get along" is much easier. Take for example the offerings of healthy food choices in an organized society. There are communities where the resources aren't readily available. But many get on buses, pay for a taxi or beg a relative to take them to the areas with movie theaters to see the latest "show." And yet, though you could make the same trip for healthy resources, you choose a moment's entertainment rather than to nourish your body and soul.

Knowledge, facts and information are building blocks to a life live to its fullest. What and how you choose to employ the resources is the difference between life as a consumer and a producer.


Friday, August 30, 2013

Thought of The Day - Shine!



Joy for life


All inner qualities that reflect in your life. Those qualities aren't pretend or motivated by the deep pockets and accolades from adoring fans. No, the glow within, the energy found there is enough to keep you going, keep you standing and moving and flying.


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thought for The Day - Proximity

At times, you can sense the fulfillment, the sheer joy of achievement. But there are so many other times where it is as elusive as sleep is to an insomniac.

You can become so desperate "anything" will do. But in your heart, you know what is desired and when it's all said and done, nothing less will do.

Perhaps the object of your deepest desire is closer than you think...don't settle, don't substitute. Keep at it, as if your life depended on it. Maintain integrity and singleness of heart. Don't allow cheap distractions or the frustration of others to prevent you.

Keep pushing forward.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

His Words (Eddie Hudson): Thought for The Day - Origin

His Words (Eddie Hudson): Thought for The Day - Origin

Thought for The Day - Origin

Ever notice that as much music and art and dance as there is in the world, there's always someone doing something different? Just watching the evolution of expression, while there are trends, lulls and swells of creativity, nothing stays the same; the expression always changes. I hear people - young and old alike - say things like "there is no more good music." Or people complain that the art rendered and placed in museums and galleries "could be done by a child." But yet, all around us, there are poets, singers, dancers, writers, etc., pouring out their souls to audiences small and large.

Where does it come from? Where is all that new and different, weak and powerful expression, originating from? I've seen trends in music and fashion come and go; what's "hot today" is tomorrow's moment of embarrassment. But that's only because we've "moved on." There are those who hold on to those moments and cherish them like a loved one.

When an artist sits to render or a writer considers a story line, there seems to be an endless supply of ideas from which to choose. I know for me, there are times I want to repeat an expression, to create a series of work. Then there are times when, after studying either my work or others, I want to 'mimic' the concepts in my next piece. But by the time pastel or paint touches the surface, I'm "taken" in a new direction. Often, in the moment of rendering, multiple pathways are provided to take me in completely different directions. I find it so much easier to allow the "spirit" to guide me in these expressions.

The origin? The source? A place vast and endless. It exists across the universe and in the great expanse of our mind. It is intelligent, compassionate and passionate. We call Him God and he expresses himself through us.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Thought for The Day - A Little Motivation

Slow starter; some of us don't jump out of the bed, heads brimming with ideas, connecting and networking with ease and taking the world by storm. No, many of us have heads full of ideas, but rarely do we see anything through to completion. Or we a couple ideas, yet somehow, we struggle to simply execute one.

From day-to-day, we go about our lives, tossed by the whims of family, friends and lead in the direction our corporate leaders would have us go. But there remains this part of us that will not rest and it shows up in ways we would rather not have. We feel frustrated, with no real to be. Sure "they're getting on my nerves, always saying _____ and putting their two cents where it doesn't belong." Or we are always bothered by the crime, the corruption, the high taxes and low wages. And yet, we rarely do anything to change the condition of the world. Instead, we're just miserable.

A shift in the wind people, a glance in a different direction. Within; that vast landscape of our minds, that last unexplored continent. No, I'm not talk neuroscience or psychoanalysis; I'm talking about you, sitting with yourself, spending time to get to understand what it is you really want out of life. It's about you taking time to discover what would motivate you to rise each morning with goals and dreams and action to follow.

Motivation, even in small doses could change the world! But let's start at home, in your backyard: let's start with you! 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Thought for The Day - Drip!

Some people can smell rain coming; some feel the change in 'barometric pressure' in their bones! But some anticipate it in their souls! The very sense that there is a need that must be satisfied and it must be coming soon, gives hope.

Do you wake sometimes and wonder why you're running to a seat in a cubicle, in an office where, if you didn't show up, someone else would do the same work? Have you ever searched your soul to find out what unique contribution you make to this world? For many, defining "that thing," that expression of your divine purpose is difficult to fathom. We see it in celebrities, singers and performers who move us with a performance. We see it, to a certain extent, in children who play as if there wasn't a care in the world. But somehow, we can't put a finger on that "one thing" that would connect us to this world and give our life meaning. So like a farmer looking to the sky, waiting for rain, we look heavenward, waiting for...

In our very soul, the answer lies waiting for that drop of 'rain.' That small particle of moisture felt on our face, would indicate our hope is satisfied. To feel that one drop would tell us our living has purpose and meaning and that our place in this world makes a difference to someone else. Tell me, are you anticipating rain?

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Thought for The Day - A Small Intimate Setting



Dimly lit.

A few of us, or just us two...

A small group, music playing softly in the background, blending with conversation that is both funny and profound.

Light food, not the main course of the evening, but part of the evening fair.

A setting easy and casual and yet so enigmatic, lives are changed forever.

All too often, we mark the large events of our lives, we call 'history' the grand events the occur and we mark our calendars to remember when the crowd gathered. But it's in the smallness, the close knit, the unseen, that groundwork is laid for big burst of energy and accomplishment. In truth, the large cannot occur without the small...


Saturday, August 24, 2013

Thought for The Day - It's Leaking!

We have this treasure in earthen vessels (jars of clay)...

Living this life, in this's amazing we don't simply fall apart at the seams! As children, we jumped and played until we were exhausted and some of us, even when drained, we didn't sit down! As young adults, we want to squeeze as much living in a short time span, as if we're certain there is no tomorrow and 'heaven' is a place where we sit and 'be still.' And older adults? We still eat and drink what is slowly tearing our body apart! But somehow we are still 'kicking!'

Yeah, there's a great deal of life in us and some days, it doesn't seem possible to contain it. Maybe we shouldn't. Maybe the "cracks" in our personality, our flawed, imperfect bodies are designed to uniquely express the life within.

It's my reasoning that there is far more to us than our six senses - including the ability to reason, feel and discern - can comprehend. Oh, we get glimpses every now and then, at times 'miracles' occur, but believe it or not, these flawed beings, called humans are divinely designed to express! The leaks and flaws have divine purpose!

Years ago, I gave guitar pickin' a try! Still have a Fender Squire and Yamaha acoustic guitar tucked away, "just in case." I knew consistent practice and mistakes could eventually lead to playing well, but... We have an old out of tune piano that 'followed' us from my wife's childhood in our home. One of our children took lessons for a while and a strange thing happened one day. Sitting in the basement, I heard the piano being played, a tune my son wanted to learn as part of his recital. He learned and played it proficiently. So when I heard the piano being played, I was certain it was him playing. But it was my youngest son, I discovered, who had never took a lesson or expressed a desire to do so.

Within these earthen vessels, a blinding brilliance exists. It isn't settled or stagnant and it longs to be released. And we express it in opinions, ideas, creativity, decisions and acts of hate and love. Though there are times when we try to contain it, 'it' finds its way out, one way or another. Maybe we should regularly exercise expression so that one day..."just in case..."

Friday, August 23, 2013

Thought for The Day - The Dreamer Awakes

The creative process...there is no comparison of work done, no equal to bringing what's in between one's ears into the world as we know it. To sing, interpreting sounds, combining words in a pleasing way, that's part of the creative process! A model sits in a chair, filled with eager art students, trying to capture details and subtle details of face, eyes, arms and legs - that's the creative process.

To wake from our world of automatons, where our fingers barely rise above the keyboard or our navigation across hundreds of miles, happens with a click of the finger, that's my awakening! Many days - not nearly enough - I pull away from this world of computers, testing software and documenting the results and I allow my soul to express! For me the creative process is found in the written word as well as visual expression. To sit in front of a painting, a rendering done in pastel and allow my mind to imagine a thousand different variations, that's my creative process! With that, I leave you with this: awake dreamer and share your vision!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thought for The Day - Hope

In 1989, on this day, August 22nd, I sat in our house alone; my wife was in the hospital, six months pregnant and going through early labor. The doctors were doing their best to maintain the pregnancy and so far, the solution seemed to be bed rest. I was concerned, worried about both my wife and the child in her womb. And there was absolutely nothing I could do.

Sitting, bible in hand, having my devotional time for the morning, I completed my reading - couldn't tell you what it was that morning - and I prayed. I prayed that everything would be alright and that somehow, my wife would be able to hold the pregnancy at least another couple months. I didn't know if it meant she would have to remain in the hospital or come home and have a nurse come in to check on her. I only wanted things to be okay.

At some point during my devotion, I had this overwhelming sense that everything would be alright! It was an assurance and as most Christians know the term a "peace that surpasses understanding," came over me. The best way to describe it was all my concerns were answered and brought to a "cooling point." I closed my bible and begin to prepare for work. But a few minutes later, the phone rang. It was my wife saying they were going to have to deliver the baby and that she was sorry, she couldn't hold it any longer. I rushed to get dressed and to the hospital, still with this assurance everything would be alright. As a matter of fact, considering the timing of the assurance, I was more than certain, everything would be alright.

Well, that morning, my wife gave birth to a one pound, seven ounce baby girl. She was too small to cry, her lungs barely formed. As they took her away to put her into ICU, she made a couple small sounds, like small whimpers. More reassurance flooded my senses. The doctors warned that her chances of survival, being so premature were 25%. Yet in my mind, all I could remember was that reassurance.

Twenty-four years later, Amy Hudson is beautiful and healthy and living in New York! Her first few months of life were difficult, but as God gave me assurance then I give it to you now. It may be dark in your life, there may not seem like much room for hope. He may not flood your soul with "peace like a river," but that doesn't mean that your end is worse than you imagine - not even close! Maintain hope, strive for your dreams, no matter the darkness that impedes your path!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Thought for The Day - The Grind

It comes to this more days than not; the grind is felt in our gut, like someone is slowly pulling a heavy chain through your navel. Or it's a headache, out of the blue, gripping your head like a medieval tool of torture. Too often, we are concerned about relieving the pain, but the root of it remains untouched.

Sleepless nights, yelling at your children or spouse or whoever seems weak enough to take it without giving it back to you, that's our problem, or the result of it. Like trying to rub our filth off on a useless towel, except our loved ones aren't useless, just loving and very forgiving.

Time in, and time out, we go from one hardship to another, skimming the surface, trying to wipe away symptoms while the underlying cause languishes. It doesn't rest, hence the unease and disease we suffer.

How well we search outside for a solution, trying oval remedies, amber elixirs and the eternal fountain of youth; that only shifts the pain elsewhere.


The wise person chooses not to point the finger at others or collapse in despair, though both attempts seem viable. They learn to dig, to uproot and recall. They remember times where the day was not filled with doubt and overwhelming fear. They search childhood or moments of clarity when an idea or dream was more logical than reality. And they begin a journey to change reality. They work at it as if it were their daily grind, slowly reshaping life to be what is desired.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Thought for The Day - Make an Impact

I wondered how I would say this, how I would share this lifelong sense of worth, but here it goes. And as I gather the thoughts to express, I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Growing up, my earliest memories were of my father's smile and his laughter. Now, for the most part, he was quiet and most certainly not a joker. No, he laughed and smiled usually in response to someone else's jokes or stories. He is what is known as a good natured guy. It seemed his goal was to bring joy to others and of all the people I know, he always seemed to put everyone else's needs before his, even to his detriment. At the time, I "knew" I couldn't be like him, because it was easier to live in the small world of my head. Yes, his life of service was enviable, even desired, but that wasn't me.

Flash-forward: I'm a middle-aged father and husband. I struggle to stay a step ahead of the bill collectors, work hard and try as I might, I can't help but live a life of service. This blog, even my art, are ways to communicate "good feelings" to others. I find myself, surprisingly enough, smiling and laughing with family and friends, just as my father still does. I find that I genuinely enjoy smiling, even if I can be as quiet as a church mouse. I find it easy to extend my ear, more than my mouth, when a friend is in need.

Honestly, I struggle with the notion of making an impact. I know I want my life to have meant something, for the world to have been made a little better by my time here, and so many times, it seems I'm not getting the job done. But then, I remember the people who say "thank you" for my listening or the times I give advice. I think of the friends, my wife or my children, who call to tell me "you wont' believe what just happened!" And yet, here I am, this quiet, insecure guy who's life doesn't amount to much! Go figure! I must be reaching something, right!

Perhaps you find yourself feeling the same way and like me, you think you have wasted your life. Don't count yourself out. Consider family, friends, even people who respond to your expression on the streets. Many want to make a positive impact in this world and little by little, we are doing so. Keep up the good work.

The above is written in memory of George Duke who, in his "gentle giant" way, with his gentle smile, made a difference to many through his music. You are missed, George!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Thought for The Day - Mornin'

The breaking of a new day. For me, most mornings I'm up before sunrise, spring, summer, winter or fall. By the time the sun rises, I have written, maybe painted and sweated out a few calories at the gym.

This new start, this opportunity to complete yesterday's task and when our mind is cluttered with trouble, the chance to stumble over the same problems. We never know what a new day will bring, even if we think we understand "what and how" this day will be - like every other day. But every day is a new day and with every new day, we can approach it with a fresh perspective.

So often I wake and the last thing I want to do is let go of the bed! The many tasks of the day, the stack of unfinished work and expectations pile on me heavier than the comforter. And often, when I wake, it's the anxiety of missing a task, letting someone down or just not being 'present,' that motivates me to get up. As my feet move across the floor, downstairs and into my office, I find my mind is already incorporated that nervous energy into thoughts of what will be written this morning and the exercises I'll do. And before I know it, the time has past and I'm on the move, running out the door.

Ah, the routine of it all! And yet each day, I pray for a new day to do everything better than I did before.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Thought for The Day - Make it Real

This is the Stuff that Dreams are made of...

You may have been told "never let go of your dreams." Or you may have been advised: "get a real job." The latter is said by those who never dared to dream, by those who have tried and given up, not realizing anything worthwhile is worth attempting until it happens.

I'm realizing that in small spurts, I have been achieving my dreams. I give a little part of me, here and there, sharing my heartbeat, my desire to see people grow and prosper. But there's always so much more. Where I am is not all that's possible and where I hope to be is yet to be seen.

There are times when the 'itch,' the push, the ache to be part of something larger makes my heart beat stronger.The last couple days, I have felt that "burn" and for the time being, I'm juggling the "how" of execution. But until it is revealed, this is one of my mediums.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Thought for The Day - Beautiful Moments

The Quiet

The soft, silky silence

A piano, a drum and an upright bass (Robert Glasper Trio!!!!)

The tap of the keys as I write

Surrounded by the art completed and in process

We have to take minutes a day to appreciate the small things. Those moments can become so much more when allowed.

Peace - let it fill your mind, this day

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thought for the Day - In the Calm

I know, we've heard it a thousand times before and no matter how many times we say it to ourselves, we invariably go back to rushing about! Oh the crazy, spinning world we live in! The demands of a typical day in our 'organized society' is far too much. And yet...

Say it again; say it to yourself: slow down...don't yell it, but feel it in your body. Slow the pace for just a bit. Allow some tasks to go undone and those that are an absolute must to complete, get them done as quickly as possible; allow peace to fill your mind.

Years ago, while my father could work, I would hear him say out of the blue "PRESSURE!" indicating he was really feeling it. You have to know my father to understand what I'm saying. He's quiet and until his stroke, he always worked long hours and was always on the go. I think he loved his work, but there were days where it was simply too much. I look around and I see many people like "Jr," my nickname for him, running around.

Today, find a moment, no two, to ease away from the demands and PRESSURE, and get quiet. A quiet moment or two is like a day at the really it is! And it allows you to approach your deadlines, dilemmas and difficulties with a fresh perspective. Find a moment, take a moment...

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Thought for the Day - Listening

It's a misconception that things have to be quiet to 'hear.' In a room buzzing with voices, in a crowded party, it's amazing what you can tune out and more importantly, what you hear. It's an act of the will.

The effort of listening, is both an act of surrender and act of volition. I have listened intently to some songs and though I've heard the same song a hundred times, it's the 101st listening where I pick up a subtle bass riff, never heard before. Or in some songs, listen carefully, and the musicians are actively collaborating, just out of microphone range. For me, those subtleties are the stuff of wonder!

Now honestly, I love silence, or what we call silence. I love early mornings - it's 4:45 while I'm writing this and the only sound is the music playing in the background, the hum of the computer and the occasional car rolling by. When the music isn't playing, the only sounds are the clicking of the keys, the cars rolling by and the creak of the floor above my head. My thoughts seem to have their own space to expand and communicate the truths buried within. This is my opportunity to gain clarity for the day and pour out my thoughts and prayers.

But then there's the train ride to work, the loud clanging of the train and the people who have animated conversations. Then there's the familiar recorded voice announcing each stop, the direction of travel and the next destination. At lunch, my friend goes on and on about the stress of her day and there's not enough room to get a word in edge wise! As a matter of fact, other than a sound of affirmation, my voice isn't needed. But in all these situations, there are moments when I focus my listening to one or more sounds. There are rhythms to be heard in the clanking wheels of the trains. There are beats heard in the steps of people walking along the sidewalk and even the words spoken around me carry a song of their own.

Are you listening? What do you hear?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Thought for The Day - Energy

Stored in these limbs, torso and cranium; flowing through the blood, muscle mass, fat and bones, there exists what seems like an endless supply of energy. Oh sure, there are days when it seems to wane, when, at the end of the day, after a grueling work day, you can barely climb in the bed, you can't imagine that there is much more to you than you would
imagine. Yes, it is there, that energy source still runs true!

Its the mismanagement of our energy that weighs us down. In any given day, we have all the components needed to make the most of our day. Our efforts, our plans, oh so many times, don't make sense! Without an understanding of our desires and abilities, energy is wasted and accomplishments are few! I'm the king of futility, easily distracted and when called upon to "help," my focus is lost and difficult to redirect back to the task at hand. Often, it feels like I'm "starting from scratch" when a friend, family member or coworker says "Eddie, could you help me with this?" By the time I make it back to what I was working on, it's almost as if I were looking at the incomplete work of another!

Focus! Make firm plans for the day and allow time for the distractions - they will come! One coping mechanism I use is a keeping a list of tasks and scheduled meetings, quickly scribbled on a sheet of paper. I don't take time to check them off, but merely looking at the list through the day, I have a sense of accomplishment and what remains. And what's more amazing, when I have completed a number of the tasks for the day, when the day ends, though exhausted, the sense of accomplishment gives me energy for whatever remains.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Thought for The Day - The Plain Path

Let's face it, no path is really "clear." We would like each step to be as clear as the current one, but that's not life. And we learn something about our self, the world and to trust God through the twists and turns, the hills and valleys.

A few years ago, when my daughter went east to college in Virginia, I put the destination in Mapquest, told it to avoid tolls and let fly. The route would take us through Indiana, parts of Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and eventually Virginia. I knew parts of Virginia from working out there a few times, and Indiana was a familiar path. But in the other states, I didn't know what to expect. Road construction along the way with unexpected detours or simply slowing us down made the drive typical. But it was the hills in Pennsylvania and a brief part of West Virginia that made my wife question my sanity! She nearly had a panic attacks several times, seeing the mountains in front of us, driving up and through and around the twists. Now quite honestly, I enjoy this kind of driving, but even I had to admit, the steep grades made me nervous. Needless to say, we found another route to get to Virginia from that point on. But the lesson needed, was learned.

There are many paths to our destination, some completely unknown others, we think are known. But each path has it's own difficulty. Don't choose a path because its easy, for most certainly, there will be some unexpected trials waiting along the most familiar paths. With each challenge, allow your moment of panic to set in, then gather your thoughts and determine the best way to continue on your way. You will be surprised at the "new you," you discover!

Be blessed.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Thought for the Day - Humility

You know, it's great to be known for excellence in certain areas. To receive renown in recognition for talent, expertise or courage is wonderful, and is food for the soul. I think we all want to be considered valuable and to leave this world having made it a better place for our part played in it.

But this humility thing, where does it fit in? To me, its the difference between being human and being known solely for our high points. You can go through life, impressing people with your skills or dazzling charm, but will they know you, the real person? You can show up in the finest clothes, your hair soft and glowing, looking so amazing that people envy you. But that's not all there is to you.

Humility makes you approachable. It will leave you vulnerable as well and to those whose sole purpose it is to put you down. But it's part of being Beautifully Human, gloriously flawed. We may be exposed to hurt and pain, but in truth aren't we always exposed? Certainly, blows and attacks come to those who remain available, but so do those who don't feel worthy of recognition, who never see the good they do. And you become, for them, a source of comfort and encouragement. Give it some thought.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Thought for the Day - You Must!

Well friends and family, I'm at it again. Funny how God puts inspiration in your way at times, and you don't know what it is. Sometimes inspiration and opportunity come veiled in adversity...think about that for a minute.

First the inspiration for this. I met a wonderful woman on my current job a few months ago, and somewhere along the line, perhaps after a brief conversation, I felt the need to give her a bit of encouragement. Looking back, I didn't realize she needed it, but there was this 'tickle' in my conscious: "reach out to her, let her know everything will be alright." Well I'm an artist, I love the beauty of expression, so to simply say "everything will be alright," would not do. If I was skilled in music, it would have been a jazz beat with improvisational runs and pensive lows. But I write and draw and in the office space, the best way to communicate in the moment was writing. And I did. That started a thought about this outlet. I don't know who this reaches, how far it will go, but I would like to reach out to anyone who will listen and heed. That being said, I will TRY to write a thought a day. I could go on and on, excusing what will be written or the lack thereof, but the one thing I ask: be patient with me (borrowing a phrase) I'm a "work in process!" So here goes: "You Must!"

Too often, we are faced with the dilemma of our "normal life" and the "ideal." We are trained to ignore our dreams. They are, after all, silly whims and fancies and they don't fit in the real world. Well the real world aint no prize! If the real world means getting up in preparation for a day spent doing what my heart would rather not, please let me sleep!

We are told and we accept that you live, you pay taxes and you die. We ignore that ache in our hearts to dance, sing, soothe or receive encouragement. All around us, there are people who hurt like us and hope like us, that somehow, the nightmare will come to an end. We all want to wake from our normal lives and find life is worth living. But that doesn't seem to happen. Give up, surrender, let it go; this deceptive heart tells us to do just that.

But...You Must! You have to! You have GOT TO FIGHT!!! Please believe, each day it seems like I'm losing the fight. So many days if someone has a score card and each day is a new round, life is beating me to a pulp. But each time you and I go back to our corner - fall asleep - and return to the fight, it's an opportunity to get in there and give it all we've got. Sometimes our blows get us nowhere. At other times, we seem like we're winning. But regardless what each day brings, You must fight on!