Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thought for The Day - Pick me up, Please!

Rise! 18 x 24 Pastel

Oh the things we do to get or remain fit! Yesterday, Wednesday, was "leg day." For some reason, a few guys and I have designated Wednesday as leg day. So each week, I go to the gym and do various exercises with emphasis on my legs. There's one exercise I consistently do, a reverse hack squat that I always do with a lot of weight. To give you an idea, I load 45 pound plates on either side of the bar and put as many on the machine as it will hold. A LOT OF WEIGHT! Honestly, I don't think that's how I hurt my back. I think it was throwing in another exercise called Shoulder Shrugs performed with dumbbells. About now, I'm like one - a dumbbell - for trying that!

About now, I feel like I could use a "pick me up," but not like an energy drink. More like someone pick me up off the floor and put me in the bed! But it's 5:03 am and I'm due in a Run club class in a few minutes. All my gear is ready; not sure I am but the body is going into overdrive preparing for it. Yikes! Here we go!