Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Thought for The Day - Integrity and Purpose

There is something to be said for putting the "higher mission" before earnings. In our society, from the individual chasing a paycheck to the multimillion dollar corporations, it's all about the dollar. We want the dollar, the perks and 'stuff,' and usually in that order. But the man, woman, child or company that serves, because there is a need, they get my attention.

I've seen it and with individuals and organizations who still earn a profit, but not at the expense of compassion. We have a false expectation, that if you do what you love, serve humanity, you will starve or have to live a impoverished life, But I believe it's happening around us each day. Open your eyes to the smiles of people who care for us and do so with an endless supply of love. Those are the people who deserve our energy!