Friday, October 18, 2013

Thought for The Day - Larger than Life

Or "larger than the life we live." We really are larger than our experiences; the ones we've had, the ones we wished for and those that shrank our world. By the latter, I mean hurts that made us retreat from aspirations that brightened our waking moments. Everyone has dreams; we all have had those moments or times when we said "I would love to ________." And we might sit for a minute or two, imagining our lives as ______. But what prevented you? It's usually a series of events not just one big one. It is definitely a condition of this world to have one's vision challenged and if anything to suffer from blindness.

But again, our possibility is greater than 8-5 job, pre-fabricated homes and artificial healthcare. As a mater of fact, a continuous practice of reaching, trying and some if not all of the Divinely Inspired dreams can be ours!

You know, I have tried a few times to succeed. I have failed just as I sensed I was breaking through to the life I wanted. I have watched with envy the success others have achieved. I have followed many schemes and plans, chasing after a life of influence. There are many times, I want to give up and head for an early grave. Yeah it gets that bad for me. But that DREAM will not die! When I try to quiet, it appears as an ache or complaint about something as trivial as the bad "office coffee." But I've learned this much about me, that when I feel miserable and abandoned, it's time to dream and plan again. Doubt is a cloud that always hovers in the distance or over head; but I can't give up.