Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Thought for The Day - Say It!

Filtered Divinity - 12 x 18 Pastels

Declare it

Sing it

Read it

But more importantly

Say It

Don't speak of the poison that seeps through our thoughts, our behavior and into our community. Close the door on destruction, unless you have a plan to rebuild. Let the words declare a soul, liberated and expanding at the rate of light and thought. Wake from nightmares of abused children and women, the desire of our heart, mistreated. Get up and live a life, connecting to those who are weak and dying. Be the bridge to healing and live a life full of harmony.

Our words are powerful and while they can destroy, be wise in a conscious decision of destruction. Destruction is a force, when unleashed, can reap consequences greater than our capacity to cancel. Use the power of the tongue to yield a harvest fit for God.