Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fall for Francene

Though I shouldn't be surprised to hear it, each time I hear I do, there's this sense of wonder. That is, the people that say fall is their favorite time of year. I think its a shock to hear because you don't hear people getting excited and making energetic plans for to fall activities, unless you count sitting in a stadium. Weather patterns (especially here in Chicago) more prone to winter conditions than "Indian Summer," you would think people would dread it.  But it isn't the case.

People speak of the changing of the leaves, how beautiful it is to see the reds and oranges. Some speak of hot homemade soups and stews and times around a hearth. But again, it is a strange season to love.

I would not say I dislike fall; absolutely, I love it and for the same reasons as others. Goodness, I enjoy the wet and cool days as well, having to bundle up as a cold breeze attempts to invade my shield called a coat. I love temperatures that are cold in the morning, warm at lunch (sun hanging in the sky as though it were 3:00 when its 12:00) and cool again in the evening. I like going for walks through orchards, picking apples and stuffing myself with as many varieties as possible. I like warm fruit pies and cold lemon pies.

In a day or two I'll post "Fall for Francene." This is one of those rare moments when I do a few things I don't normally do:

  1. Paint something, someone asks for (not a commissioned piece)
  2. Break the schedule of the fifty or more painting ideas I have in mind
  3. Attempt to picture the vision another speaks of
The reason I do it is because of Francene. She's been a very dear friend for years. Her easy going personality, the way she seems to laugh and the struggle she endures, is all inspiration to me. I've spent the last month or so thinking about "Fall for Francene," and not a day goes by when I don't see the sky, slight clouds and gold, red and orange leaves in the trees above. The leaves may be gone from the trees, but in my mind it remains "Fall for Francene."

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Breathe slow and easy

Stressed to the highest! And when I think of the visions, revelations and joy of this past summer, this seems like the darkness of the valley.

Now everyone, this isn't a cry for help; I'm not on the ledge. No, I'm in the middle of the warehouse (picture 'everything' you need, want and can imagine surrounding you) wondering what to do next. You ever have one of those days, weeks, months when the sum of your possibilities and today's distress seems like a car laying on your chest? Yeah, one of those times. I know - OH HOW I KNOW - what I want to do. I have details and multiple parts to assemble, but...if that word were a bodypart, it would be the awkward part, sticking out far enough to hamper movement and knock over stuff!

So, "slow and easy," one breath at a time, one task at a time, one deadline, crazy schedule, and headache at a time. Slow and easy, but steady moving...can't see the light but know it's there!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fire Torso

This one is an approach to texture and flesh tones. Just trying things out. Nothing ventured nothing gained. This may never see the inside of a gallery - its far from finished but if I give it time and effort, it will be full color. It will be a balance of the cool blue and warm glow of orange, maybe a little pale yellow for highlight.

Sorry folks, love this work!!! Love creating textures, exploring tones, colors and the play of light on skin, hair, cloth and elsewhere. Thank you, Lord for the process!

Early Morning Flight - almost complete

So I'm dozing while sitting in church, prayer service no less (Just being honest) and as I am I see this image. Looks like a forest, late in the night or just before daybreak. A bird seems to be flying from a body of water, maybe having made it's "catch of the day." I was so moved by the image, I grabbed my palm-sized sketch book, ran to the hall and begin sketching. At first glance, it looked like I filled the paper with black lines but the fine details was the trees, the leaves rustling in the dark and a small pond. I knew exactly where the bird would take off so I didn't include it.

The wonderful thing is this is a sketch; the painting is still to come. I have a canvas sitting on the easel waiting a starting point. Hope I can continue to develop the idea; I spend a great deal of time thinking about textures, shades, and 'the color of night'....Definitely need to keep working at this MASTERWORK!!! Enjoy, let me know what you think: good, bad or "eh, it's aiight:)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Through It!

Write through it, walk through it, run through it, talk through it! Get out of it, run away from it, escape from it!

It is a trap, a prison, a lifelong carcass on your back! It is a relationship with regret; it is something that was so good but now stinks like rotten garbage. It is a habit you say can’t break (but you know you could if it didn’t feel so good).

“But will I do without it? Who understands me but ‘it?’ Oh if only you knew it, like I know it, you wouldn’t be talking that stuff!”