Friday, October 25, 2013

Thought for The Day - The Path I'm On

The Turn 12 x 14 Pastel

Well, as Langston Hughes, in the voice of old "mom" would say, "it ain't no crystal staircase." The path I'm on has wound, dipped, rose and every now and then, a ray of sunshine shines on it. I'm blessed, for sure. In spite of "bad health" I am healthy. Genetics, stress and short of optimal diet motivates me to exercise when most would be sleeping. And I would think I've grown accustomed to the path and it's latest curve, the path comes to an abrupt halt! As I learned over a year ago, The road can turn, you are forced off of it; a detour that becomes a stop in a sleepy town...

The journey isn't over; I would like to think this 'leg' of my journey is as temporary as busted engine. I'm waiting for 'the parts' and trying to make the best of every day.