Sunday, October 13, 2013

Thought for The Day - Mason Jar Capacity

Elastic - Imagine something being stretched!
If you've been visiting my daily blog, thanks for taking time to do so! I appreciate your taking time to read it. I hope my truths ring "true" with you as well and my authenticity encourages you as well.

Today, reflecting on an exchange I had with a manager years ago. Working as a customer service representative, we took calls regarding billing. When cellular was in it's infancy, then known as a "mobile phone," we fielded many calls a day, so much so, there were times breaks, getting offline to research a customer issue and bathroom breaks were at a minimum! I remember thinking you have to have a thick skin to cope with this job long term. Always being one to go into analytical mode, I looked at our work pace, the expectations and quickly realized this wasn't for me.

A moment of revelation: I am a sensitive type. I'm sensitive to the needs of others, often feeling their pain whether they are willing to admit it or not. I'm also keenly aware of my surroundings. It isn't all about feeling the pains of others or even my own, but the mixed bag of emotions, expectations, the sense of loss and hope as well. Being an artist and writer are my ways to express, to a certain degree, what I perceive regularly.

But in that job, there was such a glut of frustration, confusion and bitterness, it was WAY too much to bear on a daily basis. Every opportunity to get out of that department was exercised regularly! And when I got out, it was such a relief to remain in a helpful role, but one with less "interaction." As I told that manager, I am like a wide mouth jar, I can take in a lot before the jar overflows. Problem is, "what am I taking in?" If your life consists of acknowledging only the pain and hurt around you, its no wonder people "skip out,""abandon their post," or simply just move on.

Sometimes, we need to empty that big old jar; not so we can take on more, but so we can start anew.