Tuesday, March 30, 2010

...Of the Beholder

In the eyes of the beholder
There is beauty before them
But in the eyes of the beautiful
What is seen
Behind the eyes of true beauty
What thoughts go unseen
What mysteries and decisions
Are hidden behind those beautiful eyes

In the eyes of the beholder
Eyes, face, neck and body
Are wonderful to behold
But behind the eyes of the beauty
A world unknown
Though traces slip out
Made concrete
Yet the eyes
That mind
Are shrouded in the mystical

Monday, March 22, 2010


www.eddiehudson3.com. That's where I'm maintaining a working website. With a little help from my friends I'll make it a great place to allow the light to shine into the lives of others.

I've place poetry, pictures and another blog on that site. Stop by, take a look and send a comment to: eddie.hudson@eddiehudson3.com. I would love to hear from you!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Following the Guide

Getting up early, staying up late and thank God, not all in the same 24 hour period, I'm on a mission. Not a every-step-is-clearer trip, but one where the best laid plans seem to get turned upside-down. But on a mission, nonetheless.

I completed a painting (well not quite, one small area to be completed) recently that sat on my easel for a number of weeks. It sat in my head and sketch book for months and the idea of 'getting it out' was getting to me, so I started, and then slowly, agonized over it for weeks. It's a dark piece as a few are that I've worked on. The image has the sense of night or early morning just before sunrise. A forest view and a pond are nearly black, subtle colors used to capture the sense of darkness. A single bird takes off from the pond, heading west. But no sooner had I took a break from it, I was back with pastels and lots of colors.

I know, there are times when I don't follow the path laid out by other artists. I see the work of others, their series where a theme seems to get worked out over several pieces, but that doesn't seem to be my path. If I was 21, I would do my best to be like other artists. I would strive to be in a gallery with 3 - 8 pieces as part of a series. More than likely it would be the work 'everyone' loves. But I'm a great deal older and far removed from the 'artists culture.' I do what is in my heart to do. Don't get me wrong, it would be wonderful to be accepted in the world of artists, but about now, a full sketch book or two or three has me on a journey. I could sketch and draw, conceive and plan, paint and mold clay, for another 40 years and never tire of this process. And it seems like I receive guidance from God himself.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Some Days...It Doesn't Take Much

You wake, early and before you know it the wheel is turning fast. So fast you look down and don't see your legs. The mind is elsewhere, asking the question, "how did I get on this thing and when do I get off."

I've been told since childhood to "get an education and a good job." But the same folks that told me that, didn't tell me it isn't enough. They didn't tell me about the part of life where dreams fade long before you wake. They didn't tell me that longing never goes away; that it just turns into cardiovascular disease, or high blood pressure or an unhealthy obsession with alcohol (which I don't have).

Sometimes, I wake while it's still dark and wonder should I just go ahead and get up? In my heart, I know I should be sleeping and getting as much of it as possible, but whatever sleep and dreaming is supposed to do, it doesn't seem to be doing. No panic or fear about it, just an acknowledgement of the work I should be doing.

Sometimes, I just want to sleep, especially when that treadmill follows me through the day and the STOP button is too far away to reach. Some days, it doesn't take much. And I want a break. But everyone knows...