Saturday, March 22, 2014

Thought for The Day - Where are You Now?


Sit in a room of your choosing, your home, a restaurant (a great place for stories) or if weather permits, a public place where people are passing by. Fix your gaze on one person, an item or an animal and create a story. It doesn't have to be long or complex, but it is challenging. It may be history, in the sense it is something you know, tell why that item or person is in your life. You might see someone on the street with a look that moves you. You know the look or feel that you do; it would be interesting to see what story develops.

I'm sitting in my "office," my carved out room that would better serve as storage, for the size. But it's my studio, storage and a great place to IMAGINE! I'm fixing my eyes on a heavy brass elephant and it brings back memories! My senior year of college, I would walk from the subway to school and pass a import shop. The place was a little "hole in the wall," not much space and the typical retail space. At the time, I worked a part-time job and didn't make much money, so I avoided too many frivolous purchases. But it was my senior year and in a few months, I would graduate and enter the "full-time world" of 8 - 5 jobs and needing income, a place to stay and whatever else life expected me to be. I walked in a few times and looked around, picking up various items, putting them back after looking at the price. They were, after all "imported" so the prices were fairly high, especially for a guy working a part time job. There were two items I wanted to have: a samurai sword and a brass elephant. And this store had them both. After going in a few times, making mental calculations, determining where I would need to cut back and how much I would have to save to make the purchases, I decided on "this elephant." It was $35 and it was the 'mid-sized' brass elephant they sold. They had elephants that stood 10" or more, but the prices were $75 or higher and my budget and need weren't that big. So I made the purchase. I remember, for years, occasionally pulling out a can of "Brasso" and shining that elephant! I would rub and clean and remove the oxidation so that elephant glowed! It was my pride and joy, a completely frivolous purchase, but one I could hold on to forever! And it has moved with me over the years, from my parents home, my first apartment and my house. It is a constant reminder that everything doesn't have to be practical and reasonable. A reminder that value is where you place it.

Okay, that's my story for today! I would love to hear from you. If you like (and space permits) share your story in the comments section of the blog. Or feel free to send an email with your story. I would love to hear yours! Send it to