Sunday, March 16, 2014

Thought for The Day - Strange Twists and Turns

Linen with a twist (in process) 24 x 36 oils

The stuff of life! You are certain the path you've taken, the one you chose is a good one. It is clear you have done your homework, considered the possibilities and prepared accordingly. But you aren't the master of life and most certainly, you can't control every life and the energy you will encounter along the way. So often, "nouns" pop up you could not plan for: a person, place or thing, unaccounted for, throws you off your trajectory and you are forced to re-evaluate the way you go. There are times where time itself, works against you; perhaps you were exhausted and stopped along the way, but in doing so, you find you are behind schedule and where you anticipated being at this point, is miles away.

Now the above could literally be a trip you're taking or it can be life, but either way, it is not the end of your journey. Unless something traumatic occurs, continue on your way, don't stop where you are. The snippet of "Linen with a twist" (above image) is a whimsical tribute to twists and turns that appear in our path. Sometimes, it's a small turn, nothing to throw you off course. But sometimes, it's a gale force tornado, wreaking destruction for all in it's path. Plan and adjust accordingly!