Saturday, March 8, 2014

Thought for The Day - It Just Sticks

 A lot of stuff doesn't make sense. Some things fall through and never make it under your radar. But there are those things, people, places and circumstances that never leave you. Even if you turn away for years, they come floating back to you. Example: I haven't been around the four legged beasts on a regular ever! I didn't grow up in the South, where my parents were born and we weren't rich or interested enough to do weekend trips to a horse ranch, where riding and/or lessons are available. But to this day, and quite at random, I can picture horses and feel that surge of excitement. Yesterday, out of the blue, I had a flash of the strong hip of a brown horse in my head and it was as if I were standing next to it!

Art. Watching my mother doodle a flower in a flower pot, drawn on the edge of a sheet of note paper,   talking on the phone; that is one of my strongest and earliest memories and one I attribute to my interest in rendering.

I was - no correction I am - shy; I'm prone to keep my opinion to myself and though I blog, I'm quite certain no one is interested in anything I say. But before the childhood dreams, before the answer was given to a sincere prayer ("Lord how can I return thanks for all you've done for me?" The response: "answer my call.") I was fascinated with "being heard." Always interested in things regarding the Bible, God, believing and matters of spirituality, and though I was as fascinated with cars, I could care less about the workings of the pistons and crankshaft underneath my car's hood! As long as it's running smoothly, not leaking oil or blowing too much smoke, I'm relatively happy. But speaking, listening, encouraging people to grow and realize what God has in store for them? I can stay on that for hours on end!

I don't know folks; I can't explain the many people who have come in and out of my life. I'm often surprised about the relationships that form and those that fall off. There is no particular rhyme or reason to it and yet, in my heart, the beat, the timbre is very familiar. But like knowing your lover's footsteps when you hear it or the giggle of your child, some facts just stick!