Friday, March 28, 2014

Thought for The Day - Self Examination

A Rhythm of Her Own 18 x 24 pastels

For some, standing in the mirror is an opportunity to berate one's self for physical shortcomings. I bet some the most beautiful people find flaws the rest of us would never see on them! Holding up the "mirror of life" has the same effect! Some changes are within our control, a matter of correcting behavior developed as a reaction to the motives of others. We develop habits and practices that change over time, but our core beliefs remain intact. By "core beliefs" I mean what we think about ourselves.

When you think you are unworthy, you either do things to gain approval or you "prove" you're unworthy by behaving badly. Funny thing about gaining approval; you never really accept the approval because of "who I am." If you're not worthy, no matter how glowing or sincere the compliments, you always consider the parts of you no one else sees.

When you feel unloveable, the same holds true as above: either you try to gain love or your behavior indicates you cannot be loved. Both are pleas for something you are reluctant to receive, that is L-O-V-E. How can anyone love you if you are unloveable? More importantly, how can anyone love you when you don't love yourself?

Life is a funny adventure! And I don't mean comedic humor; I mean in the sense that many people struggle with these and far worse and though we want help, know we should think better about ourselves, individuals live well into their senior years carrying this poor self image.

No solutions today my friend, just observations.