Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thought for The Day - Patience, Son

Linen with a swirl

Antsy! Like a child waiting for their birthday party. Like a groom waiting for his honeymoon. On pins and needles, can barely stand still. But the process isn't complete and there's work remaining.

A young lady I taught in Sunday School a long time ago, announced to the world that she's a visual artist. She explains in the many social media, her process of creating as "play" and her creativity involves trying out forms and struggling with the "love/hate" relationship of the process. Same here! Since it takes me "forever" to complete one piece, no matter how simple or complex, large or small, there are times I have to place the piece out of sight, to avoid tossing it in the trash! The current work, "Linen with a swirl," seems like it's taking a long time and every stroke seems like a repeat of the last. I can see progress, but at times, it isn't enough. But this is where patience is exercised, this is where I have to allow the "child" to grow.

There are many processes and expectations in my life. I am forever a "dreamer," always hoping for a better day. There are times I wonder will I die with incomplete dreams and so often, it doesn't matter. For now, the dream of creating is realized and this platform is my gallery.