Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Thought for The Day - One More

In the gym, the phrase "one more" has an immediate response. Either you can or "caint!" And I do mean that quite literally. There are times when that bar is over my chest and though I'm giving it all I got to keep it from falling on me, I've got to consider "one more!" Doing "one more" makes the difference between being where I was last time and one step closer to where I want to be. "One more" can be adding one more rep, set or one more plate to either side of that bar. But no matter what happens physically, taking a "one more" attitude gets me closer to my goals.

"One more" in terms of writing; I love writing in the many forms in which I write. I found it a necessity years ago, to write through out the day, to cleanse my mind, get 'stuff' out of there. From that poems came, story ideas and things I wouldn't tell my best friend, poured out of me. I found, in writing, expressing myself, there was a great deal more of "me" to be available for others. And to this day, whether I'm on the train, sitting in my cubicle in the middle of intense testing, I have to write my own thoughts! Sometimes, it feels completely inappropriate, but "let me get this one last thought out," comes to mind as I scramble for paper and pen. My goals with writing aren't as clear, but "one more" word, "one more" thought and I'm closer to understanding it's purpose!

In life "one more" is my motivation for facing the daily challenge of getting up and "going." Please believe, there are so many days, I would love to crawl up in the bed and stay there! I'm not as far along as I would like to be, but "one more" gets me out of the bed. "One more" carries with it the sense that I'm alive, that I'm further along than I was yesterday and I still have a ways to go! At this point, looking down the path where I would like to go, I have this sense, once I'm "there," I will continue to say "one more!"