Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Thought for The Day - The Communication

Soul Dance (in progress) 8 x 11 colored pencils

The power of words! They are like the building blocks of our world; the communication of far deeper concepts and if we don't know how to express what's there, it doesn't lessen it's power on us! From the words, the formation of sounds that equal thoughts, ideas, feelings and impressions, we increase our understanding and the unfathomable.

Images are the shapes and colors we use to hinge our thoughts upon as well. Whether it's the face of your loved one or a tree, we know through our six senses, the sixth being our ability to filter and catalog the other five senses.

The other day, my wife apologetically stated that she doesn't understand abstract art: my work is abstract. I told her it's okay and went on to draw a correlation between abstract art and patterns in clothes. Colors, shapes and patterns communicate thoughts, feelings and even expectations. We don't understand to the degree we can easily articulate, but we do "get it." Consider the smile of your child or your beloved; whether you know why they're smiling, the fact that they are smiling, warms your heart. Or, depending on circumstances, you may think the smile hides a hidden agenda or perhaps sarcasm. The same can be said about a hand gesture, a frown or someone looking away when you meet for the first time. A thousand different impressions occur in a simple human exchange.

The power of communication is that it goes deeper and further than recording facts and figures. It is our means of conveying life!