Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Thought for The Day - A Sprinkle...

Soul Dance 8 x 11 Colored Pencils

Humidity hangs in the air; in places like Chicago, Houston and New Orleans, on a summer's day? The air feels like you could literally swim through it!! Moisture moves on top of the breeze and heat and makes movement a chore.

Thick air, dank air, dripping moisture across your skin...

There is purpose and meaning all around us. It hangs in the air, in between obligation and the demands of society. It can easily be confused with the question: "what's everyone else doing?" But it lives in the space between bone and marrow, tendon and muscle. If you are willing to acknowledge, it is more powerful than a 100 degree day with 80% humidity! But we seek comfort, sameness and avoid the need screaming from our souls!

Just sit quietly today; just for a few minutes, listen to that cry from your heart. It wants more than seven matching numbers in the Powerball can deliver! It is the true value of your existence, the reason you have been brought to this place.