Friday, March 14, 2014

Thought for The Day - Drawing a Blank

Linen with a little swirl (in process) 24 x 3 oils

An expression that refers to a momentary inability to retrieve one's thoughts, a line of thinking or what one intended to say. Yes, I'm drawing a blank at the moment... what is it I wanted to share? What significant thought, idea or "revelation" came to mind that seemed worth sharing? And it's not only about telling you what I'm thinking; my thoughts turn to the question: "what significance would this have in someone's life?"

Many people have responded since I began writing this daily blog and some merely by "liking" the status on Facebook. But these people and those I never hear from, flash across my mind as God seems to minister to me. The biblical notion: "you are ambassadors of Christ, as if Christ himself were saying 'be reconciled to God,'" comes to mind. I've been ministered to, he shares with me knowledge and insight and I share it with you. Please believe, He never leaves me without some valuable nugget of information. However, some of it is personal and for me. But ultimately, after the work is done in me, I share it with others.

So, yes, this morning, I'm drawing a blank. But believe me, you remain in my heart. Thanks for stopping by. God's richest blessings on you.