Monday, March 31, 2014

Thought for The Day - The Pace

Treadmills are great at forcing you to keep up the pace! Dial in the desired speed, place your feet on the treadmill and you're off! And when you want to slow down or go faster, unless you change the rate of speed, it keeps going on and you have to keep up!

But life, or should I say "we, in life" like to slow down the pace! No matter how we try to maintain the path we're on, the activities in which we participate, at some point, we find it's too much for us and we need to slow it down! Weekends are an opportunity to do so, taking vacations are an opportunity to do so!

Personally, I'm an advocate of doing the same every day. There are moments in the day when you need to pause, perhaps in the middle of a busy day. The pace is one you choose, not what the world demands. Today, before the day gets away, before the world's pace sets the speed, determine your pace; you set the speed. Perhaps life will continue to move at it's pace, threatening to overrun you, but you have control over you.