Sunday, March 30, 2014

Thought for The Day - Preparedness, Thoughtful

Pastels, arranged by colors

Empty palette, prepared for painting.

It's Sunday, and later than I would normally publish the blog; my apologies. But it makes this subject no less poignant.

I remember, as a child being aware that my mom was about to prepare "one of those meals." This wouldn't be a few pieces of chicken and string bean, meal. No this would be Sunday or Holiday dinner, with one or two meats a few vegetables and a "starch." I would hear multiple pots and pans being pulled from the cabinets, the refrigerator would open and close several times and spices would be pulled from the pantry. I would hear the stove start up and a couple  of "eyes" on the stove would be fired up too. It was going to be a long day in that kitchen.

Cut to my own adult years and the sense is no less epic. My wife does the same and often, it is in preparation for the week, multiple meals are considered and prepared, with the same sense that when all is said and done, a feast is prepared!

In situations such as these, forethought "has to be" part of the plan! You can't walk in the kitchen on a whim and prepare meals like this! Actually you can, but somewhere within the last few weeks or months, you have to have gathered all the ingredients and you have to know what is available to make "whatever!" And you have to know what "good food" tastes like and what it takes to get it there. There has to be "trial and error" as part of your past, too. "Over-season", "under-season," over-cooked (burnt in some cases) and maybe under-cooked probably occurred. But in this process of learning, experimenting, succeeding and failing, you learn to not only be prepared, you become thoughtful.

Now mind you, I always "think larger" than the current application; it's part of my preparation as well! You may not be a "cook" can't tolerate the idea of rattling pans, putting your hands in or on uncooked meat and vegetables (I guarantee you everyone who thinks this way, still loves to EAT!) and your food supply might be a single egg and half a container of orange juice, but you have to prepare for anything! Including work, family, vacation or evening out! Everything requires "forethought," thoughtfulness, if you will.