Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Thought for The Day - Suddenly

The intention last night and this morning, was to spend time in front of my canvas. Had the "route" mapped out, knew what colors would be applied and how. Never made it there, never put my hand on the brush. And went as far as looking at the "Cadmium Red Hue" paint on the palette and calculated the amount of linseed oil necessary to thin it to a wash. It just didn't happen.

Suddenly, the urgency of my life took precedence. The need to plan for a new day is in my heart and mind. That desire gives strength to my limbs as I continue to struggle. I'm getting free; this cocoon wont hold me always.

Suddenly, I will be free. And like the multi stages of the creature ultimately known as a butterfly, I will emerge a different being. What you have known about me, who you have known me to be will be changed. I am growing and gaining, not only strength, but the ability to soar!