Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thought for The Day - What is Important

An Open Channel

Never Lose Sight of Your Goals!

I've been blessed; I've been given a great deal of identity, character and insight. But as opposed to being put "out front," I remain where I am: in the background. This is the training ground, and so often I wonder why I'm here? Where's the "front" and how do I get there? Is it my fault, God's plan or just a matter of the "real work" being here? Well, "back here," behind stage, in the stockrooms I am just like everyone else: getting my work done. And behind it all the Lord does more work than the eye can perceive.

So what is important? Is it important to be out front, to be seen, receive recognition? Is it important to help people and be available? Being available and approachable, a good listener has placed me in the life - it's obvious to me - of people who are also givers and providers. There are plenty of people who need to be heard because they serve others to the extent they don't have an outlet; they are more "ear" than they are "voice," and the world seems to pour on them, their problems and concerns.

Again the question: what's important? What is the purpose of my living if it is not to serve? If I serve "here" and not "up there," is that the purpose my life should serve? If I learn service, compassion and patience "here," surely, when called upon service not only continues but the audience, the needs of many become my concern.

That's important: service. Giving to others, being available to listen, to encourage, to support.