Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Thought for The Day - Impact

We all want "value;" by that I don't mean the word we usually see in association with cheap, generic brand items in Walmart or Walgreens. I mean the word in its truest form, as in something of worth and valuable. But we aren't the best at spotting a good value. Years ago, my sister-in-law gave me a little device with several office related 'gadgets' in one. Looking at it, a dull gray block, it doesn't look like much. But it has a stapler, calculator, a tape measure and a pair of scissors built into this block. I have carried this in my bag from company to company for the last few years, since I've worked as a contractor. It has been invaluable because often when you go to companies, they either are reluctant to give contractor's office supplies or they don't have many to give out. And I have used it in my home as well. It is invaluable at this point!

We all want to be considered valuable - invaluable even! We don't always act that way and in truth, when we do, we are often overlooked. In other words, to those we serve and assist, our "value" has been dismissed as menial and cheap. To family, we can seem like we aren't worth much, as our contribution is ignored in favor of another family member or a friend. In relationships, it will seem like we are no more than an old coat. But it is hardly what we are truly worth!

Like that old faithful "device" in the right hands and in the right perspective, your worth is far more than gold! And the value of your opinion, your thought and efforts, can change the world! But here's the thing: you don't have to leave where you are to "find your value," start where you are. You don't have to here the words "good job," or even a "thank you," simply determine whether you are doing something "worthwhile," and either continuing doing it, do it better or do something else. But most of all start with you. You decide you are valuable and worthy and by all means, be kind to others! That is the true worth of any human: our love for one another as God's creation!