Sunday, September 28, 2014

Thought for The Day - One Day

One day,
I'll wake early
Head to the basement
Turn on music
The lights
And sit in front of the easel four hours
But today
I sit in the dark
And stare at the dimly lit scene
And imagine...

One day,
I'll walk the land
The hills and valleys
Small streams running here and there
The sound of trees moved by breezes
High above
And the sound so deafening
It's as if I were in the middle of the ocean
But today, I sit in silence
The gurgle of aquariums around me

One day,
I'll take my brown horse
With his strong legs
And cross fields
Watch deer run
And birds fly
I'll ride from morning to evening
Making a complete circuit
Timing my day
With breaks in between
Sipping water
Eating an apple
Sitting under a tree
But for now
I close my eyes and imagine it all

One day,
Ill stare out the window from my studio
Seeing the pond behind my place
Watching the rain fall
And the land soaking it in
I'll sip tea
While reclining in my overstuffed chair
Sketch pad sitting in my lap
And then I'll get back to work
Creating worlds
And Dreams...