Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Thought for The Day - Life is Art

I do this - the writing and painting - because it is as much a part of me as my race, height and love for God. I write because it is a form of expression easily understood. I paint because it's in my soul; it is a dance, a performance of joy and energy and truth.

My current work "Linen, A Storm's Coming, pulls out of me ideas and impressions that I need to sit down and document. The one thing that seems consistent is building layers of tone and color because that's how this world is constructed. "White" and "Black" aren't really that way, but layers of color - energy - built upon one another. So imagine a storm is coming...clouds move across the sky a little faster and depending on the time of day, the sun fights to display it's many shades and hues. Beneath that sun and cloud mix, wind moves or stirs whatever is around us. In this painting, the fabric is being stirred and moved. And for now, that's all you and I need to know.

Life is a canvas, a beautiful movement of dance and poetry. Observe, listen and taste it! While every part of it isn't pleasant, when savored, life can be oh so joyful!