Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thought for The Day - Start of the Day

Fresh Opportunity...

It's dark, but it's a new day. This time of the year, the birds are sleeping in at this point in the morning. The only noise I hear are occasional trucks rumbling down the street or a car. But this is my time to quietly reflect. This is my time to pour out my soul in the best ways: on paper or on a canvas. In the sanctuary of this solitary place, in the quiet, I find peace before moving into the world for service.

I can imagine it is this way for many, rising early in preparation for a new day. My way of starting the day is as individual as can be, and I'm certain it is the same for many. I was told years ago that a "Christian" should rise early to spend time reading the Bible and pray and I tried it for many years. But I spent a lot of that time trying to stay awake; the "devotion" was less than sincere. This method is no less sacred or "devoted;" I am more committed to this process as I was the maintaining of man's interpretation of God's word. And the remainder of my day finds me as devoted to the cause of Christ as I've ever been.

It is the individual's responsibility to carry out his mission in life. It is each person's responsibility to see their way through this life, exercising one's individuality and service to both God and man. And it begins with a commitment, a desire to do so. It is maintained by constant vigilance and discipline of self. When a person learns to master self, they learn the value of life.