Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Thought for The Day - The Well

The River Bends

There may come a day when I look down this well and there is nothing there, but that isn't today. I might look for "the thought for the day" and the waters will seem cloudy because of confusion or fear. I might decide one day "I'm tired of this," or in the language of the day "I've moved on." But that isn't the case today.

I find this outlet, this way of reaching out is a necessary part of my growth. It requires reaching within, considering, weighing, measuring and writing on the fly. It requires sensitivity to both God and man (the readers).  I am challenged to both think about what I'm being presented and consider the thoughts of those who will read.

Years ago, having been challenged with the notion of writing to encourage and uplift, I toiled with a title to put to this...His Words seems so appropriate after all these years!