Saturday, September 13, 2014

Thought for The Day - Blogging Art, Pretty Pictures, Plain Words

It's a pleasure to present my work; to show the world my work.  And while it is readily available for viewing, and I write about the process, my work and I remain relatively obscure. But that's alright; those that know me, know my work and it appears regularly in this format.

I realize I don't have much to say about the purpose of my work. I can tell you it's driven more from my desire to express the layers of my mind, rather than to render beautiful renditions of life. That is "my current situation." I can easily get in a studio with a live model posing and paint as well. And one day I will. But for now, this is my heart's statement, my mind and body responding to the energy stored up inside.

Turbulence, like waves of water, rocks vibrating under the weight of sonic rumblings. bodies shaking under silk sheets...this is disturbance. This is quaking and violence!

No pretty pictures here...but the words say it all!