Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Thought for The Day - Give Me a Beat!








Stringed Instruments

The sheer joy of it all! As I sat listening this morning, it occurred to me that music is where people come together! Even as I write, I consider the many aspects needed to make music a public presentation. The studio, sound engineers, those who tune the instruments, set up microphones, the managers, distribution channels both electronic and hard copies...simply amazing!

Seeing street performers in the Chicago downtown area, performing solo - or as I saw yesterday performing together - they keep time in their head, recalling the notes of the song being played and looking for a handout. Pouring their heart out through a saxophone, a guitar, perhaps singing along...

I'm not a musician and I wouldn't put 'me' on stage to sing to an audience! From my perspective, to entertain, to render a song as I would a canvas, that takes people with a certain amount of talent and a twist on guts! We all have talent, but not the same expression of it. We all have tenacity, stamina and a will to thrive and care for one another. But that expression also varies. When it comes to performing, some of us are best served working in the background, making sure the sound and presentation are smooth and serve the audience. When it comes to performing and serving the people, there are those who it well and with their very soul! And when I listen to music, while a certain musician or singer may be the "star," it simply amazes me at the sheer number of people who are involved in that overall expression. A band, an orchestra, a duet, trio, quartet or quintet; simply amazing when musicians come together!

I have a guitar I bought years ago...one day!