Friday, September 19, 2014

Thought for The Day - In The Dark

One day, I will get back to my series "Pre-Dawn Light." A great idea and series including charcoal and oil paintings of dimly lit subjects. I included a couple images above, though the one is difficult to photograph. That image is a bird flying over a lake. You have to see it in person to get the full-effect.

This time of the morning...the sun is a ways away and I'm working on hour two of wakefulness. I think the idea of being awake to prove I could, was how I got here. But that idea isn't what gets me out of the bed now. I get up at this time to get work done. Music plays in the background and beside me, the light gurgle of the aquarium keeps me "company." The street light shines through the plate glass window with a candle light glow; just enough so you know it's there and not bright enough to illuminate the room. On this day, I choose to keep the overhead lights off and the light from my monitor is enough to make the painting on the easel glow. Glow enough to give the impression that a "Storm is coming..." The place of creativity, sitting in my home as it does in my heart. In a tucked away spot and out of sight. But no less significant  than the remaining portion of the house and my heart.