Saturday, September 27, 2014

Thought for The Day - A Parent's Prayer

I didn't grow up in the worst neighborhoods or attend terrible schools. I spent the first 12 years of my life in Chicago and the remainder in the suburbs. I've been exposed to several home break-ins, had money taken when I was a child, had several fights as a child and then life settled down. I live in a small suburb of Chicago and for all practical purposes, it may as well Chicago itself. The streets can be walked, but not without concern for one's safety. So the other day, when my son sent a text to me saying people were acting crazy at school and that it was reported someone brought a knife to school, I was concerned, but not surprised. I attended the same school, watched guys and girls get in fights in the same halls he walks now. I remember seeing police outside the school and around it for scuffles. And what's sinking in at the moment: there are neighborhoods where this and worse are everyday occurrences!

My concern is for my children, where ever they are. One is on the east coast and has a daily commute on public transportation. My middle child attends school in the midwest and my concern for him is, as a young black male, he is a constant target. And my concern for my youngest is that he attends the same school I did and felt nervous about. As a parent, you want far better for your children. You want them to have opportunities you never did, to be exposed to the better things in life. But in the same breath, I realize the only way to accurately expose them is not to shelter them, but allow them to explore as their heart desires. My role is to guide, instruct, and as they get older, to encourage, console and continue to teach. And over all, to pray for their well being and safety because ultimately, I can't protect them from danger. No the one who protects them when I am far away - or near - is God. And His capability exceeds mine.