Sunday, September 21, 2014

Thought for The Day - This is Where We are Now

Let's admit it: our crystal ball is broken and our "sticks" are defective. We can't see very well into the future, so we make guesses based on where we are at the moment - as if nothing new can ever occur.

  • phones with cameras, email and text messages
  • social networking with people you've never met in person, living in countries far away
  • Traveling in trucks as smooth as a cadillac
  • A four year degree that costs as much as a home
Our world is full of surprises and what we did yesterday may not be what we continue to do next week. Life shifts and the dream career becomes sour and unsatisfying. A child you thought would not accomplish much, surprises you and becomes the CEO of his own corporation. 

Roller coasters...that's what life like seems like. Hold on, we're going up, down and who knows maybe outside down!