Saturday, September 20, 2014

Thought for The Day - I AM

Far away, Get away


I'm listening

Thought and motion
Speed and sound
Fast and slow
Tomorrow, yesterday and today
When you sleep I am awake
And when you awake we are at play
Your mind and mine
I pull anxiety and delusional stress from your body
As if it were a blend of fiber optic chords
Active and dancing with chaos
I am both the sane an the sickly insane
I live in between your joints and the marrow in your bone
I am the rhythm of a a thousand vehicles
Stretched from her to there
Brakes lights blinking off and on
And the trillion thoughts
Darting from "She said ____"
And "the statistics say I'll never _____"
I am quiet country paths
Not qualified to be called roads
Worn by the press of old tires
Horse hooves
And the feet of humanity
I am lush green forests
Where tiny streams run on the surface
And beneath it
Too remote to experience machinery yet
And too precious to ever receive it.
I am peace and quiet
Sunrise and sunset
The finest most minute bit of energy -
I am -
And the spanse of billions of galaxies
full of life no human would ever recognize
When your thoughts won't allow rest
I am the quiet tremor running alongside
Silently pleading for your attention
And offering peace
I am both here and now
And completely out of touch
When tomorrow you sleep and dream
And tomorrow you wake
You won't remember me
But I will always be here
I am...