Sunday, September 7, 2014

Thought for The Day - Life and Lessons in Death

Since the summer began, I have had an obsession with tropical fish and aquariums! My oldest son came home from college with a beautiful betta fish, he called brownie and it rekindled all my old hobby habits. I remember changing the water in my ten gallon aquarium once a month the old fashioned way. That is, I scooped out the fish and completely drained the water. I carried the tank to the sink to wash it and the rocks, WITH EACH WATER CHANGE! And I did it EACH TIME! I didn't lose fish the way I have with the modern conveniences and recommendations!

I bought a 10 gallon aquarium and filled it with Buenos Aires Tetra and Tiger Barb. It was the most fun to come in each evening and place my hand on the side of the glass and watch them swarm over to my watch my fingers! Twelve fish, swimming in close formation and playing! But them one morning, I came into my space and one of the tiger barbs was dead and stuck to the filter! Well not much loss, there were plenty of others to keep me entertained! And in the aquarium hobby, loss of fish is normal. That was earlier this week; today there are only 6 fish in the tank! An outbreak of "ich," a parasite that affects tropical fish, killed off the other fish in a little over 48 hours. Now from what I'm hearing, I wasn't proactive enough and if I'm quite honest, I didn't take any precautions at all.

An attachment is formed between people and their pets. An attachment is formed between people! Any loss of life is always a blow. This week's experience has taught me to slow the pace a bit! Take time to enjoy what's in front of me and cherish it. Whether it is pets or people, all life is valuable!