Saturday, September 7, 2013

Thought for The Day - Pipeline

Living this life, we are bombarded and overloaded with conflicting needs. In a given day, regardless how you try to limit the exposure you have to the "outside world," the sources of entry are beating at your door. But little do we know, we are also a 'source' of input for others.

We are like pipes or conduits where energy in the form of thoughts, feelings and responses flow. Back and forth, all day, each day and even in our dreams, we flow full of information. This energy, this information is not mindless or without emotions, and not every emotion is wrong or sinful. Our lives are full of good and constructive and positive energy. A small thing like - speaking of my country and where I live - streets constructed of concrete and asphalt. Someone had the idea that this material could support an endless supply of vehicular traffic with minimal repairs. Now we have miles of roads that connect to nearly everywhere you would want to go. We have created vehicles that 'could' take us "off road" if we needed, though they aren't quite tough enough to take up rocky climbs as commercials would have us believe. We have offices, where business is conducted nearly 24 hours a day, to support and communicate with other businesses and individual. We are a huge construct of connection and support and need. We are a grid "system."

But it starts with a pipeline, an idea, a concept of connecting. While we don't like to "receive" destructive and negative energy, we should give careful consideration to what output comes from us and what we mindlessly receive. I am a conduit of energy and information and truth. How I choose to manage and disseminate it, is up to me.