Sunday, September 29, 2013

Thought for The Day - Seen and Heard

As quiet as it's kept, the above is desired by every living being.  When you are heard, it reinforces your value, you are seen as a contributor. A "Hello" is a gift; you've made a contribution in the life of another. To be seen, acknowledged, says you are part of the fabric of existence.

It's part of our bond as humans; we are connected to one another in ways we can't imagine. It's a shame evil came into the world, otherwise, the connections would be so much clearer!

To be seen and heard...all too often, the choice is to remain unseen and unacknowledged. Walk into a room full of strangers and there is acknowledgement, but not recognition, meaning no one really knows you. Walk into a room of family and friends and you are greeted, acknowledge and based on the relationship, you are valued (loved).

We are meant to connect. Social media, and media otherwise, is a way of doing that. Flaws, shortcomings and abuse? Yes, but when we come in contact with one another, there is energy, fire and an exchange.