Saturday, September 14, 2013

Thought for The Day - Peer into Your Soul!

I've noticed that many people, either the first time or for a short while after we've met, seem to look at me as if I'm staring too intently. Some folks look away or simply shy away. I wondered if I was doing something wrong, if my face indicated I was crazy; did I have a look of insanity? Did a third eye that pop up in the middle of my forehead?

But I've taken time to "see what I'm seeing," to examine who I am. I look intently at people. It's partly because I am an artist and I'm always in anatomical mode. Meaning, I look at details of people's noses, their expressions and the way "all the parts" come together. Musician Bilal's opening line from his song "All Matter" says it best: "we're all the same, but all so very different. Divine by design, it all intertwines."

There are so many parts to us, both seen and unseen. When I have time to sit with someone, try as I might, I'm examining their face, the movement of their body and I'm looking for more than the visual representation of the individual; I'm looking for your soul! Sitting and talking with my children, my parents, friends and family, I'm always looking for truths that aren't being spoken, I want to know if you believe what you're saying; tell me how you "really feel!" I may not voice this regularly and I'm not always in this "mode," but I am interested.

We are taught to cover our selves; from childhood, we are taught to sit quietly, laugh softly and yet, somehow we are supposed to love freely. How does one love, when we are so afraid of being ourselves and as a result being hurt?

Forgive me if I stare; I'm just trying to see your soul!