Friday, September 13, 2013

Thought for The Day - Spinning Plates

One of my favorite childhood shows to watch was Bozo Circus. I thought the show was fun all the way around; from the clowns (which is strange since I'm not a fan of them) and comedy, to of course, the game - The Grand Prize Game! Watching those kids toss a ball into each bucket and win a prize for each? It was the highlight of my lunch time! But as an adult, the thing that sticks out is the performer with plates spinning on top long sticks. It's amazing enough to get one spinning, but to slowly move up to a point where 6 or more were going? That took expertise!

And why is it we think we can keep one plate spinning in our lives? Why are we attempting to keep 3, 4, 5 or 6 plates going simultaneously? The plate in the middle is slowing down; better keep it going! By the time you get one back in orbit, number 4 is about to hit the ground! We run from one plate to another, trying to keep the whole "act" from crashing to the floor.

It isn't bad, this process of living; it's the parts we take on that leave us stressed and overworked. My wife said last night, it seems all we do is come home to prepare for the next day's work. Yeah, that's a spinning plate with a couple saucers and cups spinning beside it!