Saturday, September 28, 2013

Thought for The Day - "Noise" and "Traffic"

Elastic - Pastel 18 x 24 
Each Saturday morning, an email arrives in my inbox, whether I want it or not. Yeah, yeah, that's the nature of news and email and information; whether you accept it, acknowledge or "scream" at it, "it" remains impartial and factual. Well, this email contains a link to check stats for my website. Sometimes I look at the "traffic" indicators and lately, I don't. This morning I looked at the numbers and the thought came to mind: 'what difference does it make if it doesn't equal dollars?' I'm right, I am stating a fact, but that's not only truth indicated in the numbers and graphs.

Each night, I turn on a "Sleep App" that monitors my sleep patterns for the night. It also gives stats regarding my sleep patterns, how many hours and minutes I've slept and rates the quality of my sleep. A helpful feature I've been using for a while is the "noise generator" that simulates the sound of a gentle rain. I never thought I would need anything like this to sleep and in truth, I don't usually need anything but 'opportunity' to sleep. I can sleep anywhere and any time! Heck, back in the day, working as a stock room clerk at Sears, I would catch 40 winks leaning against a stack of boxes! Anyway, this noise helps me to quiet my thoughts; sometimes that works and other times...well let's just say it takes a while to tame the mind!

Noise and Traffic. Static and Facts. Filters and Figures. I'm going to leave you to ponder where these words hang in your life...maybe they don't exist in your world at all.