Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Thought for The Day - One Minute

A minute left, a minute remaining, one minute after the hour...reminders that time is moving WAY TOO FAST!

We never have enough time in our 'organized society.' For all our sophisticated structures, integrated systems and technology, we can't make a minute last any longer than it does. Whether you use a analog clock or watch, a digital indicator, have ever you looked at it and realized how quickly time has "gotten away" from you? Or as you are sitting in between tasks and appointments, the time seemed to tick away slowly, right up until that "last minute" where you realize you've got to get moving. No, we can't seem to get enough of it, no matter whether you are working, retired or disabled, what we want out of life doesn't seem to work in the time frame given.

But if you take 60 seconds, and I mean "take it!" Because it seems quite literally, that's what is required. Take the time to delay necessity and demand, quiet your mind for one minute, and you can change the pace and direction of your life. Truly, the rush and hustle of it all can wear us out, but it's only be appreciating the quiet, even in the rush of our day, that we find peace and rest. And perhaps, at some point, we really can become masters of the minute!