Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Thought for The Day - Let it Flow

You might want to stop it, prevent the flow, but sometimes you can't; you have to "let it be." That would have been an appropriate title as well: "Let it be," that late 60's, early 70's term thrown around, indicating some things were better left to their own devices.

And yet it is a true statement and carries far more weight than we would give credit. Our inclination is to intervene, interject and prevent damage. But you ever notice, how "things" work out in their own time? I don't mean we should all stop paying bills or stop working and live "off the fat of the land." No, what I'm saying when your anxiety has you staying up late, tossing and turning and waking early, just let it go. When that 'issue' nags at your every thought, to the extent you find somehow you've gone through a red light, oblivious to your error, you better let it go!

A few months ago, I was troubled beyond compare. Could not get 'life' to go the way I wanted and I was disappointed that things weren't happening the way I wanted. Well, at some point, looking at the success of others, I realized I was "where I'm supposed to be." "This" isn't happening by accident, so my comfort has been, "every good thing in time." I'll still plan, dream and when the door opens, I'll walk in, but for now, Let if Flow.